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Apparently my subconscious' reaction to the shit show that was last week (including Trump's election, the deaths of both Leonard Cohen and Robert Vaughn, and topping it off, some poor soul jumping in front of my subway train home on Friday) was to finally shake loose a writing idea. And the fandom it decided would be just keen to work on was Captain America.

So here's my very first Stucky story. It's short, snarky, and involves lots of bad language. (I'll no doubt do long and angsty Stucky at some point, but this is not that story.)

The Altar Boy Act (1411 words)
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers

Stark thinks Steve is a prude. Bucky knows better.

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Popping my head up for this year's Hallowe'en festivities.

Ros wanted to carve our two pumpkins herself. She kept one a secret. It turned out to be a Cap shield pumpkin she carved just for her mom. Awwwww.

A couple of more Hallowe'en pics this way )

It's been a bit of a Marvel week in the Zed household. I talked the Sweetie into watching the first Cap with me this weekend. (He's a hardcore Marvel comics fan, but only lukewarm on the movies.) This led to this exchange.

Sweetie: Hey, that's Dum Dum Dugan. I recognize the hat. He's a Howling Commando.
Me: Yeah, all the Howling Commandos are in it. Falsworth, Gabe Jones, Jim Morita.
Sweetie: Wait, you know the names of the Howling Commandos?
Me: Of course. They're important in the whole Cap mythos.
Sweetie: Oh my god, I can't believe you know the names of the Howling Commandos.
Me: Heh.

All that reading a shedload of Stucky fic is paying off if I can match his Marvel geekiness. *g*

Friday, we're going to see the first show of Doctor Strange. (I'm taking the day off. The Sweetie is on his last week off before starting a new job.) This should be interesting. The Sweetie is a huge Strange fan, but can't stand Benedict Cumberbatch. I really want to see it with him because I suspect his head might explode. That, or he'll finally admit Cumberbatch is a good actor. *g*
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I've managed to write up the documentaries I saw at the fest.

This way to a girl hunter, surfers, musicians, dancers and politicians... )
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I'm about to do something horribly impulsive.

Namely, offering two fandoms for Yuletide where I've seen only limited clips of the source, simply because they star, respectively, Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans.

MCU fandom, you have a lot to answer for.
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It's awesome that you want to write a story in one of my fandoms! And if you already have a story idea for any of them, I'm sure to love it. But if you'd like to know about some of the things I like, and don't, here you go:

Yuletide details, ahoy )
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I've finally had a bit of free time, so I've begun tackling reviews of the films I saw at TIFF. I'm going to divide them into more (or less) logical chunks, starting with...

The British Isles Contingent )

Canadian Content )


Sep. 22nd, 2016 11:57 pm
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So, the film fest has been over for dayyyys, and I still haven't had time to write anything up.

This is in part because with soccer over, I foolishly volunteered to be the trainer for Ros' hockey team. Which then turned into me being the trainer *and* the manager of her hockey team. (They can clearly tell new suckers in this league a mile away.) All of which has meant doing an online first aid course and an online Respect in Sport course (a.k.a. the "Don't Be a Jerk" course), and setting up mailing lists and Team Snap accounts and aiiieeee!

It is also in part because in the little spare time I've had left, my brain has now been fully eaten by Captain America Stucky fandom. (So. Much. Fic.)

In between film fest screenings, I not only ducked out to buy the Cap: Civil War disk, I finally broke down and got a Funko Pop Cap bobble head. And ordered a Winter Soldier bobble head to keep him company. And when I told Ros not to tell her dad what I'd done, she promptly stuck this note to our front door*:
ros cap memo-edit.jpg

My daughter is a grass.

(*Note the BistoCon note paper. *g*)
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I don't know how it's been a month since I posted. (Okay, I do know how. BistoCon and soccer and the film fest and life, that's how.) Anyway, here's my attempt at a catch-up post.

First with the footie. We've had four games since I last posted, the last four of the season. The first two were disappointing, including a loss to the team of one of Ros' best friends. We had (cruelly) been hoping we could beat them since they were the only team below us on the standings, but they had a good night and we had a tough one. At least we could be happy for their win.

Last week's game was heartening. We played a pretty good team and managed to hold them to a tie.

This week's game was awesome. We were playing another team in the middle of the pack, but our girls seemed to really figure out how to play together. There was passing, and working together, and actually playing of their positions. Ros managed to score a goal by really sticking with the ball in front of the net. And another girl, who's always game but hasn't yet scored, got in a really nice goal as well. Add in two more goals from one of our best players, and we managed a 1 - 4 win! A nice way to end the season.

That's the regular season done, but next week we have Cup Weekend, which is our club's house league playoffs. We play four round robin games, and the top four teams play in finals a week Sunday.

Onto fans!

It's been over a week since BistoCon 2016, our little biannual Pros con in charming Romulus, MI. We had 22 people attending, and the feedback is that everyone had a fab time. I know I did! There were panels and episodes and games (provided by the brilliant Krisser) and lots of laughter. And we've agreed to do it all again in 2018!

Rejuvenated by the con and by spending time with such passionate fellow fans, I've finally started writing again. I've got over 1,000 words of a Pros story done, and a more or less complete idea of where it's going. This has all been helped by getting stuck in meetings at work that don't really concern me, thus giving me found time to scribble as I like. Very exciting!

The last thing that's taken up a good chunk of the last week, and will take up 11 days starting next week, is the Toronto International Film Fest, a.k.a. TIFF. The schedule came out last week, and we had to have our picks for tickets in this past Sunday, so I got home from BistoCon in time to spend days poring over descriptions of the nearly 400 scheduled films and narrowing them down to the 21 I want to see.

I'm hopeful it's going to be a good year. I'm most excited to see Free Fire, a '70s crime film. I saw this pic from it, with Cillian Murphy and Armie Hammer rocking these '70s threads, and it shot to the top of my must see list.
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It's just over two weeks until the con, and we're gearing up behind the scenes to get things ready for your arrival.

One thing we need your help with is donations to the charity auction.

We're raising money to help cover the costs of running the con, and any money over and above the costs will be donated to the U.K. cancer charity, Marie Curie.

So, if you have anything Pros-related you'd like to donate, be it art, zines, DVDs, or anything else, we'd love to have it. You can comment here, or send us a message at
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We played one of the very best teams again this week. The last time we played them, we traded the lead back and forth but lost 3 - 4. This time we only managed one goal on them, but we did hold them to only two goals, due to stellar work from our keepers. Ros, in particular, did an amazing job in goal in the second half, stopping a bunch of goals that looked almost impossible to get in front of. Of course, she beat herself up for the one goal she did let in, but it was one that would have been difficult to stop. We've assured her she did an awesome job and stopped the game from being a big blow out.

I had to cancel our practice this week. An hour before it was due to start, we got an absolute torrential downpour. I reckoned (correctly, as it turned out) that even if the rain stopped in time for the practice, the field would be a mess.

Ros and I went to the field anyway, to head off anyone who hadn't got the cancellation email, and we got the pleasure of watching the U9 girls play their 7:30 game on the other field. (Our league only cancels games for lightning, so they had to play.) It was HI-LARIOUS. The field was a big squishy swamp in the middle, which stopped the ball cold anytime it got kicked there. And when a player kicked the to get it going again, there'd be a huge spray of water drenching everyone close by. The parents watching alternated between telling their kids not to worry about their shoes and laughing hysterically. Ros wanted to stay and watch the whole game, but we finally bailed after ten minutes.
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This week, we were playing the top team in the league. Though fortunately the standings hadn't been posted yet, so we didn't know that. And we managed to win!

We had our last untested goalkeeper in net in the first half (well, there is one other player who hasn't played net yet, but she's been MIA for four weeks now and we're beginning to suspect she's just not coming back), and she did okay, but let in a flukey ball that went way over her head and she only touched it with the tip of her fingers. But in the second half she managed to score, so that evened out. And two of our best players managed a really nice play in front of the net for a very pretty goal, so the final score was 2 - 1 for us!

In Pros and writing news, I sent off the absolutely final copy of a story I managed to write for the BistoCon zine. It's a wee thing, just over 800 words, but it's nice to finally be writing again.

Now it's time to get moving on all those organizational things we need to do for the con. Yikes!


Jul. 20th, 2016 12:23 am
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Finally have time to post about the cottage trip, starting with the tree! Here it is, the hunk of wood that briefly stranded us in the cottage, and the two lovely neighbours who chainsawed it to bits. (The Sweetie and I had a mad scheme to go at it with axes in the morning if we had to, but man, that would have taken a long time.)

More cottage pics this way )


Jul. 10th, 2016 09:47 am
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An hour after my last post there was a knock on the door. It was a neighbour with an ATV and a chainsaw. He and another neighbour set to work on the tree and had it cleared in just over an hour. Hooray!

I'll post pictures when we're back in the land of good internet connections.
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So, no bears have made their appearance at the cottage so far.

But when we tried to drive into town for dinner tonight we found that the storm that came through last night felled a tree right across the very narrow road that goes into the cottage. Basically, we're trapped.

We've left a message with the neighbor who's supposed to sort out emergencies for the cottage's owner. And if we haven't heard from anyone by tomorrow we'll be wading in with the axe and seeing if we can shift it ourselves. It is, fortunately, not the biggest tree I've seen go down, but it'll still be a lot of work to move it without a chainsaw.

So glad we've got cell access or we'd be in really big trouble.
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Ros is at sleepaway camp this week, so we coached the game without her. (Hardly seems fair, but that's the joy of volunteering. *g*) It was a scorching hot night, and we were missing more girls than expected, so it was a tough slog. Fortunately, one girl who was supposed to be missing managed to make it to the game.

On the plus side, we've discovered two more goalkeepers who were really good. Both the Sweetie and I made a point of telling them that they'd done really well, since they'd both told us before the game that they weren't good in goal. (They totally were!) On the minus side, the other side managed to get in one goal on each girl (one blooper that went right over our first keeper's head, and one when our second keeper had the sun right in her eyes), and we only scored once. But the one goal we did get was courtesy of a girl who's never scored before, so she was very excited. All told, for a 1 - 2 loss, I consider it a successful game.

Tomorrow, we're picking up Ros and whisking her and a friend off to a cottage for a week. Our hope is that the girls will mostly amuse themselves, and we can chill on the deck, read some books and write some stuff. (I'm writing Pros again. Whee!)

We got an email from the woman from whom we're renting the cottage with instructions for the property, including this gem:

  • Do not leave any food or put any garbage outside of the cottage. There are bears in the woods and they will come.

  • The Sweetie thinks it sounds like the start of a horror movie. Wish us luck!
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    I've been gradually catching up on things since I finished all things black belt, and one of the main things has been watching the final season of Person of Interest.

    I'm down to the last episode and am very nervous. They've already ripped my heart out several times, and given some of you have said (hi, [ profile] draycevixen and [ profile] msmoat ), I'm prepared to have it ripped out and shredded some more.

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    This week's game was our first really hot and sticky night. I got the team to do more passing drills before kick off, since running in that kind of heat is a big pile of no fun.

    They're making progress with working together, which is nice to see. And we made a goalkeeper discovery! We put one of our smaller and more timid girls in net, and she turned out to be brilliant! She kept out everything that came her way. Alas, our other keeper, one of our girls from last year who was always solid in goal, seemed to forget for a moment that she could pick up the ball with her hands and let the ball in early in her half. We had a number of good scoring opportunities--Ros has a great run, but kicked it just wide--but never quite got it in the net, so the game ended 1 - 0 for them.

    Our practice this week coincided with the last day of school, so only four girls made it. On the plus side, it was a lovely night, the perfect temperature for running around, and the four girls who did come out did some great work.

    Ros is off to sleep away camp on Saturday, so we'll be coaching next Monday without our kid there. Seems wrong, somehow...
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    I've been stuck in a lot of long (very looonnnggg) meetings that didn't require much involvement from me this week (side benefit of being the documentation and training lead on a very big project that's just kicking off) which has inadvertently given me some time to mull over and write about our black belt ceremony.

    This was to martial arts nattering )
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    Two games. Two very different results.

    Last week, our girls seemed to forget everything they knew about passing and were back to clumping on the ball and fighting each other for possession. Since we were up against a team that was a) fast and b) really good at passing and working the ball up the field, this was not good. We also had two less than experienced goalkeepers. The result was us getting killed, 4 - 0.

    This week, I spent the half hour before the game doing a lot of passing drills and working with our next new keeper. (Ros was in goal the second half so I knew she was solid.) There was some clumping, but they did much better working together. And the new keeper ended up being great, as was Ros. Though afterward, Ros beat herself up for letting in one goal. (Not entirely her fault. One of their players got a breakaway and our defense fell apart on her.)

    We had one line in particular that really clicked and managed to score twice in quick succession, to give us a final score of 2 - 1 for us. Our first win of the season, hooray!

    The win was a bit bittersweet, though. Our opponents were the team of one of Ros' best friends. Ros and her friend have been on the same team for four seasons, but this year the club was desperate for coaches so her friend's dad took on his own team.

    Tonight, I'm off to see one of the James Plays from the National Theatre of Scotland, and the Sweetie is going to be running a soccer practice on his own. Given that the Sweetie is not a big soccer guy, I expect to hear interesting stories from the practice. Ros has promised to help him out.
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    I am also extremely tired.

    I'll write about the whole (fabulous! terrifying!) experience later, but for now I thought I'd mention that the video of the event will be up for a few days here:

    The whole thing is worth watching, but my musical form starts at 1h03m if you're curious about that.

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