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Just finished watching the Badgers lose a heartbreaker. The Florida Gators managed a 3 pointer in the last second of overtime to beat them by one. So close. But it was a great game.

To cheer myself up afterwards, I watched Take That's Red Nose Day Carpool Karaoke, which is exactly as much fun as you'd think it would be.

Now I'm totally jazzed to see them in June.
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Wisconsin beat Villanova!

And it was a really great game! Wisconsin led the first half, Villanova took over a lot of the second, and it all game down to the final 3 seconds, when Wisconsin held onto a 3 point lead.

There was much yelling at the screen, much to the bemusement of the Sweetie. Ros kept being affronted when foul calls when against the Badgers, bless her.

So, the Bucky icon will live on this year until at least Friday, when they play their next game.


Mar. 18th, 2017 12:38 pm
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Apart from the whole Stucky obsession, the other thing keeping me busy these days is sports! And it's March madness, so time to bring out the icon for that other Bucky. (Though how awesome would a Winter Soldier Bucky Badger icon be? I wish I could still draw.)

The Wisconsin Badgers beat the Virginia Tech Hokies (and seriously, Virginia Tech, the Hokies?) on Thursday night, so they'll be playing Villanova this afternoon. Considering Villanova is a #1 seed, this could so south quickly. Or not.

I won't be watching the game live because I'll be taking Ros to her second last hockey practice of the season. Yay for the imminent end of the hockey season! Although also boo, because that means I've only got two of my hockey lessons left. I'm enjoying it rather more than I thought I would, though I still kinda suck. My goals were 1)stopping, 2) crossovers and 3) changing direction without stopping. I've got the stopping down, the right foot crossovers are coming but the left ones are still terrifying, and I can kinda go from backwards to forwards without stopping but not forwards to backwards.

I don't know that I ever want to play in a league (though scrimmages are actually fun now that my skating's a bit better and I finally splurged and got a properly fitted pair of skates), but I may sign up for lessons again next year.

My final sports news is that we finally got the pictures from our Taekwondo Black Belt Spectacular. My favourite is actually from the technical rehearsal of the self defence part of the ceremony, me kicking my partner, one of the fourth degree candidates:

A couple more pics below the cut )

I have unfortunately become one of those people who gets their black belt and then drastically cuts back on their training. Mostly because I tore my piriformis muscle (which is a little muscle behind your glute, so I officially have a pain in the butt) at a class in September and the stupid thing is taking forever to heal.
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Last night was the Badger's Sweet Sixteen game against Notre Dame's Fighting Irish. It was a tight game, and the Badgers gave a great effort, but they fell apart a bit in the last few minutes. So, it's goodbye to Bucky Badger for another year. (Fortunately, it'll be hello to that other Bucky when Civil War opens in May. *g*)

In other news, after making a full recovery from the shoulder injury, I seem to have really buggered up my left knee. I did my usual three classes this week with no more than the usual knee issues, but yesterday when I woke up my knee felt a bit glitchy. Then we got in the car to make the three hour drive up to my mom's for the weekend, and by the time we arrived I could barely put any weight on my left leg.

Poking around on the internet and based on where the pain it, right below the kneecap, it seems likely that the knee pain I've had for ages has been "jumper's knee," and that I've finally done the tendon some serious damage. And thinking about the week, I suspect it happened when we were practice flying sidekicks ahead of breaking boards this Friday.

I'm hoping I can get this under control really soon. Because I'm supposed to be doing my last pre-black belt grading this Friday, and the final, weekend-long black belt test in six weeks.



Mar. 20th, 2016 10:48 pm
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Wisconsin just nearly gave me a heart attack, but they managed to break a tie with Xavier with a fade-away three pointer in the last two seconds.

It was another grinding, gritty game, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do in the Sweet Sixteen.
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Poking my head up from black belt training for this year's edition of March Madness. The Badgers lost some of their key players from last year's Final Four team to graduation, so I wasn't sure how it would go. They were up against Pitt in a low-scoring, ugly game, but they managed to win, 47-43. So they'll have at least one more game on Sunday.

In other news, I'm down to the final weeks of training for the black belt. My shoulder has fully recovered. Now I'm just hoping my chronically creaky knees make it through to the end.

In five weeks, Ros and I are doing the dojang's* charity walk. The black belt candidates do an annual four day walk from Toronto to Niagara Falls in support of school programs in the Philippines, Guyana, and Toronto. Ros and I are doing the 25K final day.

In seven weeks, it's Power weekend. That's the final black belt test. You spend all weekend at the dojang, getting little to no sleep as they put you through the wringer, and it all ends in a 5K run on Sunday morning. (For the Pros fans amongst you, think a mini version of SAS selection.)

Before all that happens, I've realized that with the injury and general life stuff, I've fallen way behind in my thousand form. That's the form I'm supposed to do a thousand times before testing. I've run the numbers, and I've got to do the form 15 times a day for the next 49 days. And that's on top of practising all the other forms, keeping up my fitness training and running. Woo hoo.

The end is in sight, and that's a good thing. This is not the sort of pace I could maintain long term, and I fully intend to keel over at the end of it all. But in the meantime, all four of us middle-aged gals who are doing their first degrees are getting together for drinks in a couple of weeks to commiserate and bond.

*Dojang is the Korean version of dojo.
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I know I said no more Badgers posts, but this really is the last one.

The NY Times had a pretty good article about the Duke game that came with some very interesting pictures that might be relevant to some of your interests.

First, Badgers players Kaminsky and Gasser commiserating after the game.

Second, two of Duke's players celebrating after the win )

I know, right?

It's a good thing I'd never stoop to writing RPS. Oh, wait...
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I had my regular acupuncture appointment last night, so I stayed up late to watch the Wisconsin v. Duke game so I wouldn't be spoiled today on the outcome.

I was really hoping the Badgers could pull it off. Not only because they're my team, but because I don't think Duke needs yet another NCAA title. Alas, though it was a really good game and the Badgers led by as much as 9 points in the second half, they sort of fell apart at the end and Duke took the title.

In other news, after five weeks off, I'm going back to Taekwando class tonight. I haven't mentioned it, but remember that surprise angiogram I had that flattened me for a few days? Well, I ended up getting a hematoma at the incision site. (For those of you who are lucky enough never to have had one, that's a big swelling of built up blood.) It was surprisingly painful, and since it basically meant the major artery they'd used for the angiogram was, in the words of a nurse I work with, "leaky" I didn't think throwing a bunch of roundhouse kicks was going to be the best thing in the world for it.

There is still a tiny bit of swelling, but at least I'm not limping around anymore and by this point I gotta figure the leakiness is fixed. Fingers crossed.
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We're up at my mom's for Easter weekend, but she indulged me so I could watch the Badgers play Kentucky in their semi-final Final Four game. Given that Kentucky hasn't lost all year and they seem to play a faster game than Wisconsin, I thought this would be the end of the line.

It was a tense game, and both teams played well, but the Badgers made it through! So there will be one final Badgers post for the year after Monday's game.

It has otherwise been a nice relaxing Easter weekend. There's still a ton of snow up here, but it was sunny, though with a really biting wind. We went out for a nice walk on the waterfront today with my oldest friend. (We've literally known each other since we were babies.) We decorated some Easter cookies. And we played a lot of board games. (I decisively won a game of Monopoly last night, which I never do, but got killed in Settlers of Catan this afternoon. Ros won a close game of Masterpiece.)

Hope you're all having an equally lovely weekend.
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I've only had a few minutes online this weekend. The Sweetie has swanned off to L.A. this weekend to attend the TCM Classic Film Festival (which given how many times I've swanned off to cons he's totally owed) so it's been a Mom and Ros weekend. Which has been fun--there was a Taekwando belt grading for Ros on Friday night, and the One of a Kind craft show, bowling with a friend of Ros' and her dad, and Hockey Night in Canada yesterday--but utterly exhausting. Every night I've planned on getting some writing/watching/computer time in after Ros' bedtime and every night I've ended up crashing along with her. Ros ran out of steam herself this afternoon (probably due to late night hockey watching followed by an early morning wake up--she insisted on getting up at 6:30!--and running around with a friend for an early afternoon play date) so I enforced an on-time bedtime and thought surely I'll get a bit of time tonight. But no, I'm apparently still knackered and crashed again.

All you single parents out there have my total respect.

I did, however, carve out an hour in between laundry and dishes when Ros was at her friend's place to watch yesterday's Badgers game. They took on Arizona, and while it wasn't quite as nail-biting a game as the UNC game, but it was still a great game and the Badgers players made some lovely plays. And now they're on to the Final Four for a second year. They're taking on Kentucky, so I'm not going to count too much on them taking it all, but I've definitely enjoyed getting to watch so much basketball.
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Wisconsin played UNC tonight, and wow, it was a tense, great game. The two teams kept trading the lead, and for a while I thought the Badgers were sunk, but they really pulled it off in the last five minutes. On to the Elite Eight!

In other news, we nearly had a Harry Potter emergency yesterday. Ros and I are just about to finish the Chamber of Secrets, so I popped into the big Indigo bookstore near work to pick up the Prisoner of Azkaban. Not only didn't they have it, but their database showed none of their stores in Toronto had it either. And they only had The Deathly Hallows of the other books. And they weren't taking orders online for Azkaban, and neither was Amazon. Looks like the publisher is in the middle of changing editions and we're caught in the middle.

Fortunately I called our last remaining mini-chain bookstore, and they had Azkaban and all the other Potter books at a store not too far away. So I dashed up there last night and bought the lot.

We finished reading the big climax of Chamber of Secrets tonight, and man, that was intense. We'll be on to Azkaban tomorrow. And after the Sweetie told Ros about his boss' family going to the Harry Potter park in Florida last week, she's pretty insistent that we have to go back to Florida for our family vacation next year. Awww, my budding fan.
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Another game, another chance to use the non-Winter Soldier Bucky icon. *g*

Just like they did last year, Wisconsin played the Oregon Ducks in the second round. Wisconsin led almost the whole game, but it was still tense, with Oregon staying close the whole time and Wisconsin's best players not having their best game ever. (The Sweetie thought it was cute how much I was yelling at the TV. Especially since I was watching a tape delayed game.)

But we still won! (It's the Badgers over a bird yet again.)

On to the Sweet 16 and UNC's Tar Heels.
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Another March, another batch of basketball madness and it's time to dust off the Bucky icon.

Wisconsin is a number one seed this year and were playing #16 Coastal Carolina in their first game. It was slightly tense in the beginning, but by the second half they were pretty much killing the Chanticleers. (Moral of the story, never send a bird against a badger. *g*)
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We're visiting my mom up north, and three generations of Zed women had their favourite teams playing today. Only one of us is happy tonight. (Alas, it isn't me.)

Wisconsin just finished playing an incredibly close game against Kentucky. Unfortunately, they had some really messy moments and lost by a single point. But they played their hearts out, and I have to admit that Kentucky really deserved their win. (Doesn't mean I wouldn't have taken the win, though.)

Ros' Leafs played Winnipeg. They had to win tonight to have a hope of making the playoffs, but Winnipeg took them out.

The one bright spot was my mom's beloved Blue Jays took down the hated Yankees , 4 - 0.

At least Wisconsin gets to play the consolation game on Monday, but it's just not the same.

Of course they don't. (Our local paper lied.)
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This March Madness I seem to be missing the games where the Badgers blow out the opposition and catching the nail biters.

I missed their game on Thursday where they handily beat Baylor, 69 - 52. But I caught tonight's game against Arizona that was tight all the way down to the wire. Arizona led a lot of the first half (much like the Oregon game) but then Wisconsin really started going for it in the second half. The half ended in a tie, sending it to overtime. And then Wisconsin had the lead by one with just over two seconds left to play and an Arizona possession. Fortunately for the Badgers, Arizona did not pull off a miracle, and the Badgers are going to the Final Four.

Bucky lives to see another post. Yay!

[ profile] avery11, good luck to your UConn Huskies tomorrow!
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Two sports posts in one day. You'll have to forgive me.

Ros had a disappointing evening, as her beloved Leafs lost to the Habs. It was a good game, though.

The Badgers, though... wow, what a game. Oregon was ahead for a lot of the game, but it was almost always just by a few points. But then in the second half the Badgers finally took the lead. It was still a nail biter, though, all the way to the end. And then with 9 seconds to go, my recording ran out, leaving me running for the laptop to confirm that, yes, the Badgers did hold their lead and win.

Also, I now totally want this t-shirt:

If only because it makes me think of this song:

This is the Badgers wayyyyy...
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March Madness has snuck up on me this year, so it's time to break out the Bucky icon.

On Thursday, Wisconsin took out their first round opponent, American University, 75 to 35. (I only remembered to check the schedule after the game was over, so I didn't get to see it. Not that a rout like that is usually much fun to watch.)

Their next game is tonight, and CBS is actually broadcasting it, yay! But unfortunately, it's going up against what has become my Saturday night ritual with Ros, watching Hockey Night in Canada. (How I've raised a hockey-loving kid, I'll never know. It's one sport I'm not terribly keen on, but I've become a Montreal Canadiens fan in defence because a) it pisses off Toronto Maple Leafs fans, b) I really like their defenceman, P.K. Subban, who is from Toronto and one of the first visible minorities to play in the NHL, and c) they're Viggo Mortensen's team. ) So it looks like I'll be PVR-ing the Wisconsin game so the little girl can watch her hockey.

To complete our sports day viewing, I turned on the Premier League broadcast this morning, and Ros decided she wanted to watch the game with me. We watched Chelsea trounce Arsenal, 6 - 0, so not an awesome game to watch, but I'm heartened that Ros enjoyed it. I'm hoping she'll want to go to a Toronto F.C. game this year. (I really have to pick a new English team to follow, since I'm sure Sheffield U. will get back to the Premier League about the time hell freezes over.)
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Tonight Wisconsin was playing Syracuse, and man, it nearly killed me, but it was a great game. It was close all the way through, and the Badgers really gave it their all. But at they were down one point with 15 seconds to go and they just couldn't pull it off.

But hey, getting to the Sweet Sixteen ain't bad. And maybe next year they'll even make the Elite Eight.
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The Badgers were up against Vanderbilt tonight, and though they held the lead for most of the game, it was hard fought, and then excruciatingly close to a disaster right at the end. But the Badgers prevailed, and are now on to the Sweet Sixteen again this year!

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It's been an eventful week, both good and bad, but for right now the important thing is that MARCH MADNESS HAS STARTED!

I don't have the time to watch much basketball, or soccer/football for that matter, these days, but I always make a point of watching my alma mater, the U of Wisconsin-Madison, during March Madness. Which means it's time to pull out the Bucky icon again.

The Badgers won their first game today by a landslide, although since it wasn't the game our local sports decided to show and it was unfortunately during working hours so I couldn't watch it online, I only got to watch the highlights. But they're up again on Saturday when I'll be doing all I can to make sure I can watch it online.

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