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Had a great practice today. The kids had fun and they were rocking the passing. The game itself was fun, but a bit less successful: final score: 4 - 8, and not for us, alas. The 4 points were all from the same kid. He's quiet and intense and really loves playing the game. Which is good, because he was in the final lineup for the evening and his three teammates completely lost interest in the game and were chasing each other around the wrong end of the field, leaving him to take on the opposing four players by himself. Which he totally did.

Ros is doing okay, but I swear she overthinks the dribbling more and more every week. My mission this week is to just get her kicking a ball around the park so she isn't carefully considering where she's going to put her foot every time she gets hold of the ball. (Her form is impeccable, but she's four times slower than all the other kids. Which I know, because I had them run the field with their balls as a warm up and she did one length in the time the other kids did four. ::sigh::)

In other news, my mom was visiting this weekend, which was lovely, and I took her to see the local production of War Horse on Sunday. The show was every bit as good as the NT version in London, minus a couple of dodgy accents. (Canadians should not be allowed to do Welsh accents. I'm just sayin'.) But man, that audience had hearts of stone. When I saw it in London, the entire auditorium was openly weeping at the end, but the Toronto audience...wasn't. There were a few discreetly dabbed eyes, and a very enthusiastic standing ovation, but you could tell the story didn't have the same resonance for this audience that it did for an English one. Interesting... (For the record, I was a total mess from the opening scenes of the show, benefit of knowing what was coming.)

Also, I've broken 14,000 words on the Pros Big Bang story, well over the rough draft limit. Yay! I was beginning to think that I might get a complete draft done in the next week or two, but then I sat down and mapped out the rest of the story and realized that there's 15 to 18 scenes to go. At 1,000 words a scene, that means I'm going to hit around 30,000 words again, and that's not getting done in the next week. But still, it's well on the way.
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I've got a Brit Check and the final twenty pages of one last read through to go, but look! I am done my Pros Big Bang story:

And not before time, either. The deadline being tonight at all.

But now, my icon not withstanding, I need to sleep.
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I took [ profile] draycevixen's pledge yesterday, and promised myself 23,000 words on the Big Bang story by the end of the weekend.

So what did I spend this afternoon and most of this evening doing? Writing? Nope.

Instead, I completely purged my closet of every piece of clothing I no longer wear, no longer fits, is no longer a style I can carry off, or just leaves me wondering what the heck was going through my head when I bought it. I actually found a summer blazer with shoulder pads. Shoulder pads! Obviously, it was one I haven't worn in years, if not decades.

The closet is now kind of amazing. Things aren't squished together anymore. I've organized the clothes in a way that makes sense. I may even now start on my fashion dream project: photographing every piece of clothing I own and uploading the pics on my iPod, so never again will I look at a skirt or a turtleneck or a pair of awesome funky tights in a store and wonder if I have something that'll go with it.

The writing wasn't a total write off, though. Look!

It's still possible I could hit 23,000 words tomorrow, if I have an awesome writing day. So, fingers crossed...

The Job

Jul. 15th, 2010 11:07 pm
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So, I've mentioned the new gig is going well. Very well, as a matter of fact. I finished my first big training initiative about two weeks ago, had multiple people compliment me on how well it had gone, had my director stop me in the street to say how much she appreciated my efforts, and then had my manager send me a big long email last Friday saying how people keep stopping her in the halls to say how much they like my work, and that I've totally won over the directors group, who were all skeptical about relaunching the training role.


It's still awesome, but this morning I had a wee freak out moment. I got a phone call from HR Guy 2 (of my hiring experience) telling me that HR Guy 1 needed to meet with me in the HR room in twenty minutes.

Now some of you will recall that the last time I was called into a room by HR people it ended with me being laid off. So in spite of how much positive feedback I've received, I'm suddenly in a panic, thinking I've done something to piss someone off, the jig is up, and they're going to fire me.

That wasn't it, of course. They needed me to do last minute training on a last minute hire on a system I didn't know. So I had under three hours to put together materials and a session. Which I did just fine, of course.

But man, it was interesting how quickly my brain and body went into the worst case scenario panic.

In other news, here's my Big Bang status:

One scene down, eleven to go. This may just be do-able. Assuming I don't keel over in exhaustion, of course. (I was Solo Mom tonight whilst the Sweetie went to see Toy Story 3, and while we had a lovely evening at the local farmer's market, Ros kept me hopping and I'm now feeling squashed flat.)
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I've added almost no new words in the last few days. Apart from the prep for Ros' birthday part, which took the better part of last week, I was mostly mulling over, and pulling apart the second half of the plot, and trying to put it together in new and more compelling ways. And thanks to a handy plot consult--waves to [ profile] draycevixen--I think it's in much better shape.

And look, there have been new words added today:

I'm going to ignore the fact that I've revised the final word count up again to 30,000. (I've got 12 scenes left to write, and the scenes are averaging 1,000 words or so. The math is pretty clear.)

My goal is a complete-ish first draft by the end of the month. Giving me nearly three weeks to revise it and produce vids for the two stories I claimed.

Piece of cake.

I hope.
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And look at that. I've broken the 10,000 word barrier.

After a crazy week at work, including a Tuesday where I was in training all day, without even a chance for lunch, the last two days have been more subdued. So I grabbed a bit of time for writing both days, since the actual job stuff is under control, and I might be entering a bit of a lull before the next bunch of big projects come down the pike.

Yesterday, I managed a 700+ word scene, in longhand. I did the computer transcription last night, and I was so exhausted I actually fell asleep whilst typing. Multiple times. (I somehow managed to keep typing while being unconscious, which resulted not in the expected gibberish, but in crazy, alternate universe ends of sentences that had nothing to do with the beginnings of said sentences.)

Today it was another scene, just shy of 1,000 words. If I'd applied myself, I think I could have possibly done another thousand word scene tonight, but I've written almost to the end of where I know for sure what's happening, and I think my subconscious needs a bit of mulling time. (I have to say, the subconscious has been doing some bang up plotting. My conscious mind knows the bare bones structure, but I've just been letting go and writing the individual scenes, and it's been sort of liberating and fun. The me of ten years ago, who never wrote without a massively detailed outline, would be horrified.)

I've upgraded the total word count to 15,000, though I think it's possibly going to run closer to 20,000. Which if I keep working at this pace, should be do-able. I hope.
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Didn't quite make 500 words tonight. Almost, but not quite.

I'd reached the end of a scene, and I need to do some hashing out of plot structure before I start the next scene, so I'm just stopping.

It looks like I'll be making the 10,000 word mark well before the June 28 deadline. But whether I can finish the whole thing by the end of the summer still remains a mystery.
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After making absolutely no progress yesterday (I was exhausted after a lovely Father's day spent on the Toronto Islands, taking Ros to the Centreville amusement park were she could assert her daredevil tendencies) I actually manage to break 8,000 words today.

Two thousand more words, and I'm good for the BB requirements. Though whether that means I'll finish the whole piece in time is still anyone's guess.
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I actually got some new words written today:

This was amazing, not just because it was a busy, errand filled day--I managed to get new shoes and shorts for me, a new swimsuit for Ros, and chickenwire that will, we hope, keep the morning glory seedlings we're about to plant from getting eaten by the local wildlife--but also because the Sweetie and I got babysitting tonight so we could go to a private film club we belong to that screens all sorts of culturally suspect films. The current month's offering was Cruising

Yes, that Cruising. The one with Al Pacino playing a cop undercover in the gay leather bar scene. It was an awesome, fascinating film, though far from perfect. The murder plot is screwy, and the slasher in me wishes we actually got to see Al go for it with another guy. But the club scenes are astounding. And filmed, for my money, mostly without judgment. (Any judgment up there, you bring to the film yourself.) I'm still amazed they got a pretty explicit fisting scene in there.

At some point, I'm going to do my own cut of the film. One which eliminates the murder plot entirely and is just Al exploring the leather bar scene and then going to diners with his Gay Best Friend next door.

And for the record, the Sweetie thought it was as awesome as I did. And that's why he's my Sweetie.
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Not as much progress as I was hoping today, but the trade off was a lovely picnic dinner at the park and ice cream after.

On the positive side, I now have a good idea of what the ending is. On the down side, it involves a lot of plot.
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I didn't think I'd add words tonight (I got home later after seeing a wonderful Rufus Wainwright concert) but I actually did!

Here's the new count:

I also found several possible cool locations for the final section of the story. Now I just have to try and avoid getting caught up in the research at the expense of getting actual words down.
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I've been making some real progress on my Pros Big Bang story, but I want to start recording that progress so I can see if I'm going to finish in time.

So here's the handy word meter visual:

I'd hoped to be further along than 50%, but I'll take even that amount of progress. Especially since I was totally blocked until about two weeks ago.

Now if only I had a good idea of the ending...

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