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Good: I have a complete first draft of my Stucky Big Bang story done. Nearly 34K words, and I don't think it sucks.

Bad: My original artist defaulted, which the mods apparently didn't catch until I sent them a "hey, I haven't heard from my artist in, like, MONTHS" email.

Good: The mods got me a pinch hit artist.

Good: My copy of the Stucky Not Without You zine finally arrived. And wow, it's as gorgeous as everyone says. Also not so much a zine as a giant, freaking art book. (I'd ordered two copies, one for a friend's birthday, and had it shipped to work, and schlepping the box home on the subway just about took my arm out of my socket.)

Bad: Okay, this isn't so much a bad thing as just a thing, but what with having an international order and a last name beginning with zed, I'll bet I got one of the last zines sent out. I love my last name, but it definitely makes patience a necessity.

LJ to DW

Apr. 7th, 2017 12:45 pm
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I've had a Dreamwidth account I've never done anything with, but LJ's latest TOS is my cue to get out of Dodge. (I clicked the damn thing so I could post this and import my journal to DW, but I'm done after that. Being subject to the laws of the Russian Federation is not something I'm at all keen on.)

I'm przed over at DW. (There's nowt there yet, but there will be.)

Most of my fannish life these days is over at Tumblr at (I'm not keen on the platform for conversation, but it's good for the pretty, and for fic notifications. And that's where all the Cap Stucky action seems to be.)

I'm sad to leave LJ. Just checked and I hit my 14th anniversary on the site a couple of days ago, and that's a lot of interacting with all you wonderful people. Hopefully I'll still see all y'all in other fannish spaces.
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I've completed my new Pros vid, and tweaked it as much as I think it's going to be tweaked. Yay! Now I've just got to wait for BistoCon to show it.

Having satisfied my vidding muse, my writing muse seems to be talking to me again. I spontaneously started generating ideas for the bloody story I was stuck on for months. It seems to be coming much more easily now. We'll see if that lasts.

Less than a month to BistoCon. Aiiieeee!!!!!
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I have finished my Pros Big Bang story! It has an ending and everything. Just need my beta's comments and it's done.

So now it's Yuletide time!

I've made my nominations:

Take That RPF: Mark, Howard, Jason & Robbie (Yeah, I know, that's not a surprise)

Wings of Desire: Cassiel, Damiel, Nick Cave (Because I'm going to keep requesting this one until I get a story in it)

Withnail & I: Withnail, I (Marwood) (Taking my Fandom to Be Name Later spot because it's another favourite movie of mine, and I just bet some deliciously wry angst could be wrung from it)

There were a few other fandoms I toyed with--the Heath Ledger version of The Four Feathers, which I still think is criminally underrated, and the late, lamented ReGenesis--but I'll cross my fingers that someone else nominates them so I can offer them.
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So, today I get a message from a woman asking what my historical sources were for a Wild Wild West story set during the Civil War I wrote way back in 2000. This is weird, but I respond that the story is over ten years old and I don't know that I still have a record of the books I used, and could I ask why she's interested.

Turns out that one of the three soldiers I pulled from the actual historical record for the story is the great-great-whatever-grandfather of this woman, and she just wants to know if anything in the story is confirmable fact.


Fortunately, she didn't seem at all upset about the slash aspect (didn't mention that at all, in fact), and was quite complimentary about the story. In fact she asked if she could get a copy of the zine. And I dug through my files and managed to find photocopies of the references I used to research the story, so I was able to help her out with sorting the fact and fiction of the piece.

But man, that could so have gone so very, very badly.

ETA: Soooo, the woman has just responded to my last email, and amongst other things said this:

the homosexual angle was quite an interesting twist....wondered if there was any truth to that.

Ummmmm. (How does one begin to respond to that?!)
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Just found out that the [ profile] picfor1000 challenge is now open. Sign up at the comm now, and on January 1st you'll be given a picture for a prompt. The challenge is to write a story based on the picture that is exactly 1000 words. The challenge is open to any fandom, pairing or rating.

This is the challenge that got me writing Pros again (is it really only 4 years ago?) so it's rather dear to my heart. I've signed up again this year. Hope to see some of the flist there too.

And also, just so I can find it later, here's a link to my [ profile] discoveredinalj Christmas story:

Snowbound in Bradford

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