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Title: Family Secrets
Author: P.R. Zed
Fandom: Pros
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
[ profile] fanfic100 Prompt: 024 Family
Notes: Sequel to Comfort and Joy and inspired by a casual comment by [ profile] golligirl4_5. Thanks to [ profile] shayheyred for catching my mistakes.

My bloody brother )
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Title: Making Plans for Bodie
Author: P.R. Zed
Fandom: Pros
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
[ profile] fanfic100 Prompt: 021 Friends
Notes: Prequel to Comfort and Joy

Met your postman on the way in. )
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Well, here's the story I wrote for [ profile] blktauna for the [ profile] santa_pros Christmas exchange. And it inspired two companion pieces which I'll post separately.

Title: Comfort and Joy
Author: P.R. Zed
Pairing: B/D
[ profile] fanfic100 Prompt: 023 Lovers
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] tovalentin, [ profile] walfox and [ profile] justacat for betaing above and beyond the call of duty. And to [ profile] blktauna, eternal thanks for providing such inspiring prompts. Hope you had a great holiday season, doll!

Bodie made his unsteady way into the hotel room. )
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The first of my [ profile] fanfic100 stories. Three drabbles to start. I'm sure they'll get longer as I go.

The Generic Headers:
Author: P.R. Zed
Fandom: Pros
Character: Raymond Doyle
Disclaimer: Someone else owns Bodie & Doyle; I just use them for my own nefarious purposes.

Title: Early Days
Prompt: 001 Beginnings
Summary: When does attraction begin?
Afterward, he wondered when it had begun. )

Title: Communication
Prompt: 002 Middles
Summary: Communication is about more than words
When the suspect tried to scarper, all Doyle had to do was grin... )

Title: Calling It Quits
Prompt: 003 Ends
Summary: How long is too long?
If there was one thing CI5 agents did well, it was organizing a damn fine piss up. )

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