Nov. 29th, 2015 09:27 pm
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I've already mentioned fandom and fanfic in Ros' presence, but she's just tumbled to a another piece of the fandom puzzle.

We were visiting my mum this weekend, and last night Ros talked her grandmother into letting her watch Hockey Night in Canada. As I have absolutely no affection for hockey, and Ros was engrossed in the game, I pulled out my laptop and started working on my Take That secret agent AU. (32K words and counting!)

But then, without my noticing, during a break in play Ros came over and sat beside me and started reading over my shoulder. Which read to this exchange.

Ros: Is your story about the guys in Take That?
Me: Um...No! Absolutely not! What makes you say that?

I don't think she was convinced.

And man, why did she have to read the RPF? Though I suppose I should be thankful that it wasn't an obviously RPS scene. (Not that I'd write a sex scene with my mum in the room. She's already proven she's not above reading my stuff over my shoulder.)

Why is my family so nosy?

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Tonight, we won! Decisively! The final score was 4 - 1.

Of course, it didn't hurt that the other team only had 4 players show up, and the ref let us play 4 a side. (We just had 7 players, but that was enough that we could give the kids regular rests so they weren't knackered like the other team.) But everyone mostly had fun, and Ros continues to improve, so yay all 'round!

In non-soccer news, this morning I did my first Tae Kwan Do class in two weeks--couldn't go for a week because the Sweetie had the car up north, the class starts before the subways starts running, and I didn't feel like getting up at 5 a.m. so I could walk to class, then the studio was closed last week--and I've massively messed up my elbow. My left elbow. Did I mention I'm left handed? (Apparently I was a leetle too enthusiastic about throwing those jabs this morning.) I got a million acupuncture needles in it tonight, and I'm hoping resting it for a bit is going to do the trick. Darn this getting old thing.

I'm also finding myself rather more gutted than I would have thought over the news that Gary Barlow and his wife lost their baby over the weekend. I think in part because it's dredged up a lot of the crap I went through dealing with fertility and adoption and desperately wanting a child. But also just because it's a horrendously awful thing to happen to anyone. And I hate that it took a tragedy for a member of Take That to get mentioned in our local paper.

I'm also struggling with what, if anything, to tell Ros. She loves babies, and was interested in hearing about Mark's baby, but I don't know that she needs to know that a baby has died. It's not that I want to hide her from mortality. She's already dealt with deaths in the family. She was two when my dad died, and five when my aunt died last year. While she was sad when my dad died, and kept asking where grandpa was, she was very deeply affected by my aunt's death. But Take That is just a fun, happy place for her, and I don't want to take that away. Though if she remembers Gary was supposed to have a baby and asks about it, I'm not going to lie.
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The Sweetie has once again shown exactly why it is I love him. He spent yesterday evening sorting through literally thousands of pictures on Facebook and found the missing pics of me on the Iron Throne at the Game of Thrones exhibit. He rocks, and I'm luck to 'ave 'im.

So, here I am:

As a bonus, he also found the pic of him and Le Ros on the throne, complete with her foam rubber swords. They had it done when he took her down to the Lightbox for a March Break screening of My Neighbour Totoro. (Bringing the swords was totally the Sweetie's idea. He also kept trying to get me to wear my replica Boromir vambraces and bring my prop sword, but I resisted. Apparently, somewhere inside him is a cosplayer yearning to get out.)

This way to the rest of House Zed )
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So yesterday before we head off to the annual Chinese New Year banquet, I'm having a coffee in my Close Quarters mug complete with pictures of the lads. Ros takes an interest.

Ros: Who's that?
Me: Bodie
Ros: And who's that?
Me: Doyle.

She then runs around the house for ten minutes yelling "Bodie and Doyle!"

I'm so proud. *g*

(I can't wait until she's older and I can actually rope her into watching Pros.)
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Rosalind loves playing with the rolls from toilet paper. She especially loves putting them on her wrists. Like vambraces. So I started telling her that they were vambraces, determined that she will be the only kid in her preschool class who knows the names of parts of armour.

Tonight, I'm folding laundry and Ros is with the Sweetie getting ready for bed and I hear her shout "Daddy, look at my vambraces!"

I'm so proud.

Next step: teach her about tassets and pauldrons. Not to mention Boromir.

One more shot of Ros and her vambraces )
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I live in hope that I'm raising a good little fangirl.

Our halls and stairwells are lined with various things--theatre posters, film posters--with pride of place being given to the Jesse McClain's portraits of Aragorn and Boromir. Every time I take Rosalind down a hall, I point out the posters. ("Look, Rosalind. Here's Charles Dance in Coriolanus. And here's Chow Yun Fat in The Killer.")

Well, the last few weeks, every time I get to the Boromir portrait, Rosalind tells me who she thinks it is.


Yep, she thinks Sean Bean's Boromir is her daddy. This is made even funnier by the fact that the Sweetie is, shall we say, not the world's greatest Sean Bean fan. (I've managed to convince him of the brilliance of Viggo Mortensen over the years, but he remains unconvinced about the Bean.)

For the amusement value, mostly mine, here's the visual evidence:
Boromir )Daddy )

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