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I forgot to post one awesome thing about Ros' camp experience!

On pick up day, as Ros is showing us around the grounds of the camp (and wow, was she keen on showing us all over the place) she tells me that one of the counselors looks just like Cedric Diggory in the movie of The Goblet of Fire.

Then as we're getting ready to leave, she nudges me. "Look, there's the counselor that looks like Cedric Diggory."

I look up and yep, there's a handsome blond-haired young man in who bears a striking resemblance to Robert Pattinson.

Even better, the kid's camp name is "Flash." (The counselors all had crazy camp names, though I was never clear if they got to pick their own name or if they were picked for them.)

(At this point I clearly need some sort of Potter icon...)
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We were lucky that Ros got into Harry Potter before our trip, so we could plan a few Harry Potter themed activities. The big one was a visit to the Harry Potter sets in Leavesden. (When we bought our train tickets at St. Pancras to Watford Junction, the bloke at the counter said "So, you're going to see Harry Potter, then?" Apparently, there's nothing else to do at Watford Junction. *g*)

The Sweetie and I figured it would take an hour or two to do the exhibits. When we got there, the signs said to allow three hours. In the end, we took five, and I feel like we could have spent even more time, there's just so much stuff there. Ros is not generally a big one for museums or exhibits, but she loved it all. If she hadn't, I'm sure she'd have managed to drag us through it all in an hour.

On to the pics... )
Today had a bit of a Harry Potter theme, too. It's Ros' birthday--how did she get to be nine?!--and we surreptitiously picked up Hermione's wand and a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans in the Harry Potter store for her. It took her about 0.5 seconds to guess what was in those pressies. *g*
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Ros' Harry Potter love continues unabated, so we were getting deep into The Goblet of Fire while we were on our trip. We'd hit the section about the Yule Ball, and Ros was trying to guess who Hermione was going with. Which led to this exchange.

Ros: Who do you think Hermione's going with?
Me: I don't know. (I honestly couldn't remember from the movies)
Ros: I think she's going with Krum!
Me: Hmm, I think you might be right.
Ros: But that would make Ron jealous.
Me: It could.
Ros: Because he probably wants to go with Krum because he really likes him.
Me: Huh. Well, you're not wrong.
Ros: But that might be hard because they're both boys.

I feel like I'm doing the parenting thing right. Though I'm a bit sad that she realizes two boys going to the ball would be a bit difficult.

I was hoping to put up a London post tonight, but I cashed out right after Ros did. So instead, have a preview, with a Harry Potter flavour.

Ros and me casting spells at the Harry Potter Experience )
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I booked a Harry Potter walking tour of London through Muggle Tours today. It runs from London Bridge to Leicester Square, so it'll cover some cool territory even without the Harry Potter thing.

The Sweetie has taken to singing "My Patronus" to the tune of "My Sharona." He is evil.

Finally saw Age of Ultron tonight. I liked it. Not loved it (at this point I think that would have taken lots of Steve moping about Bucky, and then him and Sam going off to bring Bucky into the Avengers fold, followed by lots of OT3 sexy tiems, but then that's why I read fanfic) but liked it a lot. What I did love was Paul Bettany as The Vision. And I thought Natasha and Bruce were sweet together. But I was rather annoyed that Jeremy Renner being a sexist ass on the Marvel promotional tour has rather soured me on Clint Barton's character, because Barton was basically a good guy in the film.

I got Ros and I tickets to see a Canada v. England friendly match on the lead up to the women's World Cup. Still a little bitter that the world cup is in Canada, but Toronto doesn't get any games. WTF, FIFA?

Soccer season is gearing up. I'm coaching Ros' team again this year, and I've drafted the Sweetie to be lineup guy again. He's even got an official coach t-shirt this year. I picked up the uniforms yesterday, and will be meeting the team and handing them out on Saturday morning. It'll be my fourth year coaching, and yet again there are no kids we know on the team except for three of Ros' friends who requested Ros as their teammate. (Getting the four girls on the same team is totally awesome, though. The club's head coach definitely likes us!)
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I've recently finished reading The Prisoner of Azkaban to Ros, so tonight we watched the movie. Just as Harry and Hermione are going to go back in time, Ros asked us to pause so she could take a quick bathroom break. Which gave the Sweetie and I time for this conversation.

Sweetie: ::whispering:: So, is there a lot of Black/Lupin slash?
Me: Oh. Yeah.
Sweetie: I figured. Because OMG, they hug, they make sacrifices for each. Wow.


In other news, I've booked our visit to the Harry Potter set tour in June. We will be arriving in England four weeks yesterday, and I can't wait. We're also taking the water taxi to and from the O2 for the Take That concert, which is going to make an already awesome evening just that much more fun.
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Even more than usual, I've been swamped. At work we're gearing up to implement a big project that I'm going to be doing all the documentation and training for. And my new boss, who I mostly like (mostly) is STRESSING ME OUT. By doing things like asking me to plan out what the training will look like when we still have no earthly idea what the system even looks like or how it's going to change our business processes. ::deep calming breaths::

At home, Ros is her usual busy self. By the time we get her home and to bed most nights I am utterly shattered. Which is frustrating because there's tons I'd like to watch or read or write. I've been doing a lot of staying up too late attempting to write, poking about on Tumblr instead until I stumble to bed like a sleep-deprived zombie.

But there's still good stuff going on, so this is a catch up post before I completely forget it all.

I'm back in full swing at Taekwando, and as of yesterday the hematoma has finally stopped hurting. Yay!

I hit a little milestone on AO3 this week. My Yuletide story for this past year,
The First Time 'Round, is my first story to hit 100 kudos. Not huge by some standards, but it's kind of satisfying. I'm just amused that it's a one shot, Edge of Tomorrow fic that got there first and not fic in one of my major fandoms.

A couple of weeks ago we took Ros to her first actual concert: The Decemberists at Massey Hall. Here's the picture she let me take of her in our seats while we were waiting for the show to start:

We wanted to take her to a gig before the big Take That show so she could test her new (pink!) ear defenders and get a sense of what a concert is like. (Seven weeks today we'll be leaving for England!) The Decemberists seemed like a good band to try her out on because they were, for the first time ever in Toronto, playing a soft seat venue, and they're a pretty genial live band. She did okay, but conked out three songs in, and only woke up for The Mariner's Revenge song at the end. Which is a good song to wake up for because as well as getting the audience to scream for the giant whale attack in the song, they now have a giant foam whale on stage that "eats" the band. Trust me on this, it's hilarious.

The Toronto Film Fest's Kid Film Fest is on at the moment. Last Saturday we took Ros and a friend to see Shaun the Sheep the Movie. (Or at it is in the credits: Shaun the Sheep MOVIE.) Which the girls enjoyed immensely, and so did we. Tomorrow we're taking Ros and another friend to the fest for a Looney Tunes program preceded by a pancake breakfast. And tonight we watch the second Harry Potter movie. Ros has started nitpicking all the things they change for the movies. Our little fangirl!

And finally, the rehearsals have started for Ros' ice show. The theme for the year is the Seasons, and Ros' number is Sunshine. Last weekend was also the picture day for the ice show, and I have to say that Ros' costume is adorable )

And now I must crash.
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Wisconsin played UNC tonight, and wow, it was a tense, great game. The two teams kept trading the lead, and for a while I thought the Badgers were sunk, but they really pulled it off in the last five minutes. On to the Elite Eight!

In other news, we nearly had a Harry Potter emergency yesterday. Ros and I are just about to finish the Chamber of Secrets, so I popped into the big Indigo bookstore near work to pick up the Prisoner of Azkaban. Not only didn't they have it, but their database showed none of their stores in Toronto had it either. And they only had The Deathly Hallows of the other books. And they weren't taking orders online for Azkaban, and neither was Amazon. Looks like the publisher is in the middle of changing editions and we're caught in the middle.

Fortunately I called our last remaining mini-chain bookstore, and they had Azkaban and all the other Potter books at a store not too far away. So I dashed up there last night and bought the lot.

We finished reading the big climax of Chamber of Secrets tonight, and man, that was intense. We'll be on to Azkaban tomorrow. And after the Sweetie told Ros about his boss' family going to the Harry Potter park in Florida last week, she's pretty insistent that we have to go back to Florida for our family vacation next year. Awww, my budding fan.
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Ros and I have been pushing through Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and finally finished it earlier this week. She loved it, and has been discussing the books with her friends. (I was all set to retire my spoiler t-shirt, but she already knows that Dumbledore dies!)

Tonight we watched the first movie for family movie night. It's the first movie she's been enthusiastic about since she was a toddler and wanted to watch Snow White over and over again.

It was adorable watching her react to all the bits in the movie she knew from the book. Mostly she kept saying "that's not how I imagined it." Except for Ollivanders Wand Shop, which she said was exactly how she imagined it.

She freaked out a bit at the end--Fluffy and Voldemort appearing in the back of Quirrell's head were just a bit too much for her--but still gave it a firm thumb's up at the end. Yay!

We've already started reading The Chamber of Secrets. The Sweetie picked it up this week whilst I was indisposed. (I'm finally feeling mostly human! Yay!) Ros loves the flying car. The Sweetie, on the other hand, keeps wondering why the heck they keep sending Harry back to spend summers with those horrible Dursleys! (I have to admit I question Dumbledore's wisdom on this point as well.)

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