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Since Ros is doing her black belt next year (OMG!) she won't be playing hockey.

I, however, have signed up again for the women's learn to play lessons. I don't even know how this happened, but it turns out I kinda enjoy hockey. Or at least learning hockey skills. I may sign up for league play the year after.

In fannish news, I've got my Cap RBB story finished, formatted and ready to go, and my artist and I have a game plan for posting. My posting date is May 28th, so I'll be able to share the story and the fabulous art that inspired it then.

I've also just crossed the 10,000 word mark for my Stucky BB story, and have finally outlined where this sucker is going. And I've got a decent summary put together ready for the artist claims. There are, apparently, way more writers than artists, but I'm not going to stress about the claims too much. This is a story I want to write whether or not there's art for it. Not that it wouldn't be cool to get claimed.
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As my first official DW post, I thought I'd put up the pic I was going to post on LJ before the TOS thing happened.

It's a pic from the final day of the Learn to Play hockey class I took, along with a bunch of other lovely women. (I'm the short one in a teal and black jersey in the back row.)


Mar. 18th, 2017 12:38 pm
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Apart from the whole Stucky obsession, the other thing keeping me busy these days is sports! And it's March madness, so time to bring out the icon for that other Bucky. (Though how awesome would a Winter Soldier Bucky Badger icon be? I wish I could still draw.)

The Wisconsin Badgers beat the Virginia Tech Hokies (and seriously, Virginia Tech, the Hokies?) on Thursday night, so they'll be playing Villanova this afternoon. Considering Villanova is a #1 seed, this could so south quickly. Or not.

I won't be watching the game live because I'll be taking Ros to her second last hockey practice of the season. Yay for the imminent end of the hockey season! Although also boo, because that means I've only got two of my hockey lessons left. I'm enjoying it rather more than I thought I would, though I still kinda suck. My goals were 1)stopping, 2) crossovers and 3) changing direction without stopping. I've got the stopping down, the right foot crossovers are coming but the left ones are still terrifying, and I can kinda go from backwards to forwards without stopping but not forwards to backwards.

I don't know that I ever want to play in a league (though scrimmages are actually fun now that my skating's a bit better and I finally splurged and got a properly fitted pair of skates), but I may sign up for lessons again next year.

My final sports news is that we finally got the pictures from our Taekwondo Black Belt Spectacular. My favourite is actually from the technical rehearsal of the self defence part of the ceremony, me kicking my partner, one of the fourth degree candidates:

A couple more pics below the cut )

I have unfortunately become one of those people who gets their black belt and then drastically cuts back on their training. Mostly because I tore my piriformis muscle (which is a little muscle behind your glute, so I officially have a pain in the butt) at a class in September and the stupid thing is taking forever to heal.
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March Madness has snuck up on me this year, so it's time to break out the Bucky icon.

On Thursday, Wisconsin took out their first round opponent, American University, 75 to 35. (I only remembered to check the schedule after the game was over, so I didn't get to see it. Not that a rout like that is usually much fun to watch.)

Their next game is tonight, and CBS is actually broadcasting it, yay! But unfortunately, it's going up against what has become my Saturday night ritual with Ros, watching Hockey Night in Canada. (How I've raised a hockey-loving kid, I'll never know. It's one sport I'm not terribly keen on, but I've become a Montreal Canadiens fan in defence because a) it pisses off Toronto Maple Leafs fans, b) I really like their defenceman, P.K. Subban, who is from Toronto and one of the first visible minorities to play in the NHL, and c) they're Viggo Mortensen's team. ) So it looks like I'll be PVR-ing the Wisconsin game so the little girl can watch her hockey.

To complete our sports day viewing, I turned on the Premier League broadcast this morning, and Ros decided she wanted to watch the game with me. We watched Chelsea trounce Arsenal, 6 - 0, so not an awesome game to watch, but I'm heartened that Ros enjoyed it. I'm hoping she'll want to go to a Toronto F.C. game this year. (I really have to pick a new English team to follow, since I'm sure Sheffield U. will get back to the Premier League about the time hell freezes over.)

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