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I've had a low key, if extremely pleasant birthday this year. (And it was made even more pleasant by all the lovely birthday greetings from you all!)

The highlight was probably taking Ros skating for the first time this year. She started off a bit wobbly, but that didn't last long, and she kept us on the ice for nearly two hours. Two hours! By the end, my toes were freezing and my face had gone numb, but she insisted she wasn't at all cold and wanted to keep going. I was saved from hypothermia by the sun going down. (Well, the rink has lights, but I wasn't about to point that out.)

For dinner, I took the Sweetie and Ros for their first Mongolian Grill experience. Ros now has another restaurant she says she'll go to, so that was a success.

As for the pressies, there was no wrapped up Howard Donald forthcoming--the Sweetie balks at the kidnapping of British pop stars--but he did get me prints of Kate Beaton's Jam Watson and Gay Watson cartoons, so there's a visit to my favourite framing store in the offing.

There was also this t-shirt )

And we have managed to track down a baby sitter for tomorrow afternoon, so there will be an outing to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie, completing the weekend's Holmes theme.

ETA: Almost forgot, huge thanks for [ profile] solosundance, [ profile] moth2fic, [ profile] ancastar, [ profile] sc_fossil, [ profile] just_ann_now and [ profile] kotirion for the snowman cookies and cupcake!)
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Title: Nothing Worth Having
Author: P.R. Zed
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Pairing: Holmes/Watson/Mary, eventually
Word Count: 6,209
Summary: When Watson is kidnapped, Holmes and Mary must come to an accommodation.
Notes: Thanks to my fab betas, [ profile] matociquala, [ profile] beledibabe, [ profile] gulffire, for insisting I needed to greatly expand my first go at this, [ profile] draycevixen for being the dissenting opinion in a very supportive way, and [ profile] matociquala, for making sure all the i's were dotted and t's crossed.

They learn to tolerate each other, Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Mrs. John H. Watson... )
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Title: An Open Book
Author: P. R. Zed
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Summary: Holmes lays down a challenge, and Watson accepts it.
Notes: Written around a prompt [ profile] draycevixen gave me for a [ profile] help_haiti drabble. (I know it's the wrong fandom--the right one is coming soon--and it's a tad more than a drabble. But I'm hoping you'll enjoy it.) Thanks to [ profile] callistosh65, [ profile] shayheyred, and [ profile] ancastar for awesome beta comments.

An Open Book )
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Title: Halo
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (Need I say it's slash?)
Length: 3:11
Music: Halo by Depeche Mode
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] draycevixen, for pushing me towards vidding Holmes to Depeche Mode, and giving fab suggestions for the parts I just couldn't crack, and to [ profile] ancastar for taking a look, even though she hadn't seen the movie yet, and keeping the POV clear.

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