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The job I wanted, at the salary I wanted. (Not quite as much vacation as I hoped, but close.)

I just have to get the official offer, sign it and send it back. Then I start March 15. Which is awesome, since I was hoping to get a bit of time off before starting.

And I am now off to look at booking a flight to England for a quick visit.

Again, I say YAY!!!!!!!!
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I had another interview today for a different training position. It sounds interesting, but has the disadvantage of being a one year maternity leave contract and a crazy commute away. They're supposed to be making a decision by tomorrow.

HR Dude Two from the job I'd rather have (full time position, twenty minutes away on subway, in what seems a nice, sane organization) has called to set up a phone call with HR Dude One for 4:00 today. I'm hoping this is to make an offer.

I'm hoping that by tomorrow I will be gainfully employed somewhere.
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Yesterday was a bit crazy. Had a interview/negotiating seminar with the outplacement agency in the morning, and then the interview for the job I really kinda wanted in the afternoon.

Cut because, wow, that was longer than I intended )
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Ros is currently cashed out beside me--she's clearly under the weather, but not nearly as bad as last night and even managed to eat some chicken noodle soup for lunch--so I thought I'd take advantage of the laptop and WiFi to post about the job stuff. (This laptop/WiFi stuff is still awesome to me. I hope I never take it for granted.)

Anyway, I got a call early last week to set up a phone screening for a job that seems like a very good fit. It's doing pretty much exactly what I was doing at my old job, and for a comparable salary with a much higher upper range that was possible at my old company. (Publishing is not where you go for the big bucks.)

The phone screening was set for Friday at 10. So just before the appointed time I set up my phone interview corner with my materials and the phone and a glass of water. And I waited. And waited.

Fifteen minutes after the interview was supposed to happen, I finally get a call from their H.R. dude. Something's come up and would I mind rescheduling for later in the day. Sure. So now it's for 12:15.

Of course, he made me wait again. Just 5 minutes this time. And it was a slightly wacky interview. I did most of the heavy lifting. He started by asking me if I had any questions. So I pretty much got to set my own agenda for the interview and highlight my strengths.

Immediately after the screening he told me they were going to ask me in for a face-to-face interview and teaching demonstration. So I'll be doing that on Thursday afternoon. I just got the topic for the demo, and it looks completely do-able. I'll be working on my materials tonight and tomorrow--the Sweetie is going to take Ros-minding duties for the day--and then Thursday we'll see how it goes. Slightly wacky H.R. dude aside, it seems like a very good opportunity. (It goes without saying, all good thoughts appreciated. Being employed again would be lovely.)
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Yesterday I had an interview/test for an eLearning developer position. I was told the test was about general theory of eLearning development. In fact it was mostly questions about Flash and ActionScript programming.

I'm not a programmer.

I can tweak Flash code, but I'm not at a point where I can write it myself. (HTML and CSS, sure. Flash, not so much.)

Fortunately, there were a couple of questions on curriculum development, so I didn't turn in a completely blank test, but still, it wasn't totally fun.

At least the experience forced me to put together a very nice training portfolio. And now I know I need to swat up on Flash and ActionScript if I want to get into eLearning. Which looks an interesting route to take.

Anyway, to console myself after such a debacle, I hied myself hither to finally see Legion. Paul Bettany as the Archangel Michael was too delicious to contemplate. And while I wouldn't say it's a good movie, it was certainly entertaining.

Cut in case anything is spoilery )
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We have Big Girl Bed!

We took Ros to the store where I'd scoped out the bed, and Ros is getting the bed of my childhood dreams: a four poster, complete with canopy. (This was Not My Fault. Ros loved it, and so did the Sweetie.)

Also, I Hate My Own Voice!

I've just spent the last two hours narrating a fifteen minute online tutorial over and over again until I eliminated all the technical glitches and all my screw ups. My voice is too high, a bit torn up (from too much teaching over the years, no doubt), and wayyyy too sibilant. Those S's, man, they could pierce someone's eardrum.

At least the recording is complete. Now I just have to edit the fucker and make it look pretty for my portfolio.

But, wow, I wish I had a broadcast quality voice.


Jan. 29th, 2010 11:54 pm
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I just found out I've made it through to the first round of interviews for a learning developer position. And I've got till Tuesday to put together a portfolio that'll prove I can produce online learning.

I've spent all evening installing Windows and Office on my shiny new Mac laptop. Now I get to spend the weekend redoing one of my online tutorials without all that pesky branding from my previous employer. And this on top of ballet lessons, Mandarin lessons, the buying of a big girl bed (the Sweetie accidentally cracked the railing on the toddler bed Ros was rapidly outgrowing anyway), and play dates.


::deep breath::
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It's been a much better day today.

I started off by pulling out of the running of both the questionable jobs. I immediately felt a ton less stressed, which tells me it was completely the right thing to do.

I then made a lightning run up to Parry Sound, arrived just in time to meet Mom and my cousin at the entrance to the hospital. The surgeon saw mom, and assured us that the bruising on her foot was just leftover blood from the surgery draining to the lowest point. It will dissipate soon enough, and mom is doing fine. This is an immense relief. (I'm glad we saw him, since the foot looks pretty alarming. More alarming is the fact that mom, my cousin, and the neighbour who's been checking on mom say the whole thing looked ten times worse yesterday. Yikes!)

I'm actually posting this via the good old Parry Sound Library wireless internet. Apparently they don't bother blocking LJ if you're using your own computer. (Hoorah for my shiny new Mac laptop. It's a beauty.)

Tomorrow I should be back in Toronto, and back doing the whole job search thing. (Though I'm thinking a repeat matinee viewing of Sherlock Holmes is in order. I really need to get a Holmes icon uploaded.)


Jan. 18th, 2010 09:40 pm
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So, it's been a crazy day.

Did one interview, for job requiring stupid amounts of travel. Am pretty much thinking it's a bad idea to proceed to the next round of interviews.

Did second face-to-face interview for a job writing technical papers on risk management for a bank. On the plus side, I'd be working very closely with a good friend from uni. On the minus side, the document they gave me to critique as part of the interview made me lose the will to live. I somehow don't think I'd be happy doing this one. (Went out for coffee with the friend who recommended me, and he says my writing samples are far and away the best they've seen, and he's convinced I can do the job, but still...)

Talked to mom this evening. All is not well. She woke up with her foot quite bruised, and it looks like she'll be going to see the surgeon tomorrow afternoon. (One of my oldest friends, who happens to be a nurse, talked to her today, and convinced her that yes, she should "bother" the surgeon and go see him.) At the Sweetie's urging, I think I'll be making a flying trip up north to make sure I get the full scoop on what's going on.

Agenda for the rest of the evening:

  • Create application packages for the four jobs I was going to work on tomorrow
  • Finally set up the shiny new laptop that is still sitting, neglected, in its box
  • Pack
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    Talked to my mom last night. Here's an excerpt of that conversation.

    Mom: I did my own dishes today.
    Me: What?!
    Mom: I was talking to Ida. She had her knee done last year, and she said she did her own dishes. I figured if she could do it, so could I.
    Me: Oh dear god...

    At least she seems not to have done any damage. And I suppose more activity isn't a bad thing. As long as she doesn't do anything too, um, dumb.

    In other news, I've just completed my first phone interview this morning. The job sounds interesting, but they're pretty adamant that I be willing to fully commit to the 75% to 100% travel thing. And when I asked if that meant I wouldn't be home on weekends, the best the HR person could come up with was "Let's assume you'll be home weekends." Not comforting.

    I have to get back to the interviewer tomorrow with my decision on whether I want to go forward with the interview process. I'm trying to weigh the "I want a job!" panic against the desire to actually see my daughter grow up. ::sigh::
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    I have returned from the north country, after a successful journey helping my mom deal with total knee replacement surgery.

    The surgery went swimmingly. I did wonder, since they took her into the operating room at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, after assuring me they'd let me know when she was out, and I still hadn't heard anything after 1:00 p.m. So I finally left the family waiting room, trucked over to the surgical unit, and was told, "oh, she's been out for ages." They just forgot to tell me she was done, even after my mom reminded them. ::sigh::

    They let me go into recovery for a few minutes since they were still waiting for a room, which is where I found Mom, sitting up, looking perky, except for the honking great bandage wrapped around her knee. She swore she was in no pain, and felt fine. And she kept swearing she felt no pain for most of her stay in hospital. (The surgical nurse told the ward nurse that Mom is, and I quote, "a tough cookie." They don't know the half of it.)

    The Momster was up and walking the day after surgery, and surprised the physiotherapists at how well she was doing. (The PT said that Mom has inspired her to stop making snap judgments. She was dreading having to deal with an 80-year-old patient, my mom, but it turns out the woman in her fifties across the hall has been the problem child.) Mom still says she's not in much pain, except when doing her exercises.

    I took her home on Thursday, and she's doing well getting around the house on her own. (She kept threatening to help with the dishes. I kept threatening to tell her surgeon if she tried.) She's got a freezer full of food, neighbours who are going to look in on her, and looks to be on her way to full recovery.

    Alas, I couldn't post while I was up north. While I did manage to use the local library's computers most days, apparently the Parry Sound librarians consider Livejournal a bastion of "Adult Content" and have restricted access to it. If I still lived there--which let's just say is never, EVER going to happen--I'd be getting on the board of the library and fighting censorship. (Weirdly, their Net Nanny (TM) software did let me respond to comments. I just couldn't post a new entry.)

    Next task: prepping for the two interviews I have on Monday. Added challenge: I'm not keen on either position. One is for a tech writing position in a financial institution that looks to be dead boring. (At least I'd be working with a very good friend from uni.) One is for an actual technical training position that looks to be interesting, except that it requires 75% to 100% travel. Even with the most understanding spouse in the world, which I pretty much have, that's gotta be grim. (I've set myself minimum conditions under which I'd take that one, and let's just say it involves lots of money, lots of vacation, and written guarantees of how much I'd be on the road.)
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    Things are starting to come together.

    I got my Pros [ profile] discoveredinalj story posted. A day late. ::headdesk:: It's here, for anyone not on the comm who's interested:


    I also finished my very first Yuletide story yesterday and got it uploaded. So hooray for that! (I was a bit stressed about doing Yuletide, but it was really kind of fun to take on a fandom I love but had never written in.) Can't wait to see the reveal.

    In non-fannish news, I had my first face-to-face interview on Friday afternoon. I think it went pretty well, but I'll find out how well this coming week. That's when they're going to shortlist the top candidates and let us know who goes on to the second round. All good thoughts welcome.

    Now I just have to finish off my getting later-by-the-minute UNCLE Down the Chimney Affair story. (Plot. Why did it have to have plot?)

    Well, Drat

    Nov. 25th, 2009 11:12 pm
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    It's been clear for a couple of weeks that our company was probably going to lay some people off.

    Today I found out that I was one of those people.

    I pretty much had an inkling when my boss booked a last minute meeting with me right after lunch for little to no reason, so it wasn't a complete shock. But still...

    On the positive side, this means I can take some time to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Again.

    On the negative side, there's never a good time to be without income.

    Anyone need a good technical trainer/video production person?

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