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I flew back from London last night, after a super short, but super awesome trip.

The main reason I flew over was to see Take That, but since I was going to be over anyway, I thought I'd take in a play as well. My lovely host, [personal profile] halotolerant, picked The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui at the Donmar, and it turned out to be a brilliant choice. It's a Brecht play, a satire on fascism, and starred the brilliant Lenny Henry. Seeing it the day after the British election, it took a whole different, hopeful tone. The main floor of the Donmar had been set up as a speakeasy, with the audience sitting at tables scattered through the floor, and various audience members pulled into the action. The strongest bit was the end when the audience is either asked to stand with the reprehensible Ui or to resist against him. A heartening number of the audience stood with the resistance on the floor, hands linked together. It was an amazing theatrical experience.

Saturday, we started with a leisurely shopping trip around the West End, broken up by a delicious dim sum lunch, then headed over to the O2 for the concert.

Pics and concert details this way )

Sunday, was a much less energetic day, but no less awesome. Halo and I met up with [personal profile] solosundance and [personal profile] heliophile (waves!) for lunch at the wonderful Tas, and then popped around the corner to the British Museum to see the Hokusai exhibit, which was as great as I'd hoped. Halo then suggested a visit to a fab little LGBT exhibit they have, with a side trip to the Warren Cup, an amazing bit of Roman homoerotica.

Then there was a nice dinner and a viewing of The Winter Soldier, because apparently I'm not the only one with Cap and Bucky feels.

It was a short, concentrated trip, but I feel like it had exactly the right mix of doing stuff to just hanging out.

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