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It's nearly a week since I've gotten back (a very busy week) but I thought I'd post a few random awesome things about the trip to London, just so I remember them.

  • FJBryan, world's best travel companion. She knows fab restaurants in London, put up with my clothes shopping expedition down Regent St., and is more than up for filling a trip with as much theatre as possible
  • Coffee and croissants with the lovely [ profile] solosundance
  • A jetlag recovery dim sum lunch at Chuen Cheng Ku on Wardour St.
  • Seeing the Treasures from Budapest show at the Royal Academy of Art
  • Seeing Stephen Fry going into the Treasures from Budapest show
  • A late, long lunch at Al Waha, an awesome Lebanese restaurant on Westbourne Grove
  • Pie for dinner at the Newman Arms
  • Praline macaroons from a swank shopping arcade near the Royal Academy, courtesy of FJB who insisted, quite rightly, I had to try them
  • Just being in London!

    There's a lot of food in that list, isn't there?

    And it has nothing to do with London, but I had one more awesome thing happen this week. I arrived at work on Monday to find I'd won the 40" widescreen TV we were raffling off for charity. And this just as we were about to replace our 20-year-old tube TV with, wait for it, a 40" widescreen TV. (That's my luck used up for the next decade.)
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    I'm stuck at home with Ros today (she has an ear infection, I've got a migraine, and we're neither of us happy, though at least she's sleeping) so I thought I'd get a start on the theatre reviews from London.

    First up is the first play we saw: The Country Girl with Martin Shaw. And how was it?

    Well.... )
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    Well, I'm back from...

    and seeing a-ha one last time. This time at Wembley Arena, with a sold out crowd of fellow fans.

    What a sold-out Wembley crowd looks like, and other photographic evidence... )

    If the jetlag doesn't take me down tomorrow night, I hope I'll get up reviews of the theatre I saw. Including Martin Shaw in The Country Girl. Which was...interesting.

    London Pics

    Mar. 6th, 2010 10:04 pm
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    Well, the jetlag is keeping me from doing a proper write-up of my trip to England, but I thought I'd at least put up a few pics from the trip. And trot out the newly created Big Ben icon made especially for this and future posts about English travels.

    On to the pics... )


    Mar. 2nd, 2010 11:27 pm
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    I've just had my third day in London, and still having a lovely time.

    So far I've:
  • Seen an improv show at The Comedy Store
  • Seen Judi Dench and a stellar cast in A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • Seen Richard Griffiths and Alex Jennings in The Habit of Art at the National
  • Seen War Horse
  • Eaten lots of lovely meals
  • Bought some books for Ros

    Also, I'm sure all you Brits already knew this, but you can get Top Gear trading cards. Really! (I may have to get a pack just for fun.)

    We're hoping to do two more plays tomorrow, and then I'll be winging my way back home on Thursday afternoon. Crazy! But fun!

    Also, a-ha finally announced a Toronto show yesterday. (The fuckers would wait till I was out of the country.) But the Sweetie proved his awesomeness yet again and got me a couple. Yay!
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