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After fighting wicked writer's block and general fannish ennui for the last few months, I've finally had a rather good week when it comes to fannish endeavours. I have:

1. Started and finished a new TT story. And not just finished it, but finished it well. It's one of the few times that I've felt the story does exactly what I wanted it to do, though it did take a couple of runs at a key scene to get it there. (Thanks [ profile] draycevixen for noting the "loss of voice" square on my [ profile] hc_bingo card. It was apparently just the prompt I needed.)

2. Started a new Pros vid with an eye to finishing it in time for BistoCon. I'm currently in the Clip Organizing Death March portion of the creative process, but it's definitely satisfying to be vidding again. And especially satisfying to be vidding the lads. It's made me remember how much I love them all over again.

3. Started to consider going to SHareCon. I hadn't even considered it because I didn't think it was fair to the Sweetie to take off on him for three cons this year. But he was poking around on my LJ (he does that occasionally) and noticed I'd mentioned I wasn't going to the con, he said "why not?" So I've started pricing flights to Baltimore.

Also, looking at footage of Doyle and considering my very favourite picture of Mark Owen has set me wondering if perhaps my affection for Mark isn't quite the anomaly I thought it was.

doyle-curly markowen143

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I love [ profile] msmoat's Post About Your Fandom Weekend idea, and wanted to contribute, even though my current fannish interests are far removed from Pros--some day I really want to interrogate my muse about how its interests changed from spies, special agents, and scruffy men with swords to a boyband, but for now I'm just enjoying the ride *g*--and I'm gong to make it just under the wire for it still being the weekend.

In the wake of the Frankfurt concert--which is still putting a monster grin on my face two weeks later--I thought I'd do a mini-Mark post. I've been meaning to do a new Mark Owen post for, oh, weeks now, but RL always seems to take precedence. But I've got a few spare minutes now, so I'm going to go for it.

At some point I'll do an emo!Mark post. And there's always the ever popular sweaty-and-performing!Mark, not to mention the dubious-and-awesome-fashion-choices!Mark. But today I'm going to focus on smiley!Mark. And yes, there will be astronauts and teddy bears and zombies.

This way to smiley!Mark )
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I've finally had some time to write up my fab trip to Frankfurt and my Mark Owen concert experience.

This way to pics and me going on a bit )
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I'm still working to get a post ready about my Frankfurt trip and Mark's concert, but in the meantime, I've been debating the fashion merits of the jacket Mark's been wearing to a lot of the gigs with [ profile] cenea. (Among the many reasons I love Mark is his striking but sometimes wacky fashion sense. Which means sometimes I love his outfits, and sometimes, not so much.) We got a more classic white jacket in Frankfurt.

I am...not fond of this jacket. But Ros had the best reaction to it when she saw this pic of it on Tumblr.

Mark in Berlin

Me: Whaddaya think, Ros? Do you like Mark's jacket?
Ros: I like it. ::pause:: But I want to colour it in.

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I should be home. Instead, I'm sitting on the floor in LaGuardia airport, waiting for my check in at 4:30 a.m. And debating how much I want to sleep on an airport floor.

I got to JFK today to find my connecting flight to Toronto had been cancelled, along with a bucketload of other flights. And as a bonus, there aren't any hotel rooms left.

I've now been in transit for 20 hours and counting. And assuming I do make it home tomorrow, I somehow have to find the energy to coach a soccer game.

Ah, the things I do for Markie. (For the record, the concert was still totally worth it.)
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I've just got a minute before breakfast, but I just had to post about how amazing last night's concert was. Mark and his band were in fine form, the set choices were perfect, and though I didn't get in the front row, I did manage to get a fab place on a riser quite close to the stage that gave us totally unobstructed view of the stage.

Details and a few pics, when I get home.
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I'm now waiting at my gate in Pearson airport, waiting to board my flight to Amsterdam, from whence I'm on to Frankfurt, Markie, [ profile] soundofthesurf and [ profile] rangerke. To say I'm excited is an understatement.

I don't know that I'll have much online time from here on out, so I'll see you all on the flip side.
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One week tonight, I'll have seen Mark live. To celebrate, I thought I'd post my favourite pic from his current round of publicity. Mark might be known as the smiley one in TT, but I'm rather fond of his more serious expressions.

Mind you, Smiley!Mark is a good thing too! )
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Just got this email:

Cannot wait!

And also, two weeks today to Frankfurt. Two weeks + one day to Mark!
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After two miserably rainy soccer nights, today we got glorious perfect weather for the game: blue skies and just slightly cool. The kids were up for the game and they did really well against a strong team. We lead for the first half, but then they caught up to us. The final score was a 5 - 5 draw, which we were all very happy with.

Ros took a turn in goal, and did really well. Though there's actually a goaltender jersey now and it's ridiculously huge on her. I had to roll up the sleeves five times.

In TT news, 17 sleeps until Frankfurt! 18 sleeps until I see Markie! (And also meet [ profile] soundofthesurf and [ profile] rangerke!)
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I've now got my hotel booked in Frankfurt. I'll be staying at...wait for it...the Villa Orange!

(I couldn't resist the name. Plus, it's got good reviews and it's close to the concert venue.)

That's all the main details of the trip booked. Woo hoo!
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Still sorting through far too many pics for the Markie post I promised a few of you Thatter types (tonight! promise!), but today we have an actual video of an actual new song!

And there's a (very short) tour in June, and tickets go on sale next week. Cue hyperventilating and much crossing of fingers.

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