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Last night after I got Ros to bed, I sat down to indulge in some yummy homemade pumpkin pie before settling in to write the final paper for the (infuriatingly ill-organized) course I'm currently taking for work. I turned on the TV, flipped past TCM, and was promptly sucked into a WW II POW film from 1943, The Cross of Lorraine. The film is about French soldiers who are captured by the Germans in the early days of the war, and it stars Jean-Pierre Aumont (the only actual Frenchman in the film) and Gene Kelly as friends who try to survive the prison camp they're thrown into. It has hurt/comfort for the nation, and is more than a bit slashy.

This picture happens after Gene Kelly's Victor has been tortured for having a sassy mouth, and Aumont's Paul agrees to take a job he doesn't want interpreting for the Germans to get him out of the dungeon he's been thrown into. It is entirely indicative of the vibe of the entire film:

I know, right?

I basically spent the entire film wondering why I'd never heard of it and where it had been all my life.

More hurt/comforty goodness (and spoilers) this way )
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It's the birthday of my dear fannish/RL friend, m. butterfly. I've sucked her into Take That (as one does), and she's become a huge Jason and Howard/Jason fan. So this pic spam is a birthday present to her.

This way to Howard and Jason being adorable together )


May. 23rd, 2012 12:34 am
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I have just survived coaching my first U6 soccer game by myself! Footie!Mark approves!

We got killed--0 - 6! thank Christ they don't really keep score at this age--but Ros and the other kids had fun, and so did I. But I think I'm going to draft the Sweetie to help with player rotation next time because there's no way I can do that and pay attention to what's happening on the field.

To celebrate, have a Take That Footie Pic Spam )
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In the usual course of things, I'd have no idea exactly when I fell for a certain fandom. In the case of Take That, however, and thanks to the wonder of LJ, I can track it down to a half hour window. So I can say with complete certainty that it was one year ago today that I fell for TT.

It all started because the lovely [ profile] halotolerant posted a link to TT's performance of Kidz at last year's Brits. A performance that I'd seen and really liked, so I responded to her post. And she proceeded to lure me in with a potted history of the band and lovely videos of pretty boys.

It took a little bit to take. Here's Exhibit A, a comment I made just as I was about to go over the precipice:

Oh, the naiveté. Even the Sweetie knows their names now.

But then Halo sent me a link to this video, of Mark Owen singing Back for Good with Robbie Williams at Robbie's big Knebworth gig.

It is not the tightest musical performance ever—they barely rehearsed, and as Halo has pointed out they both sing the harmony bits on the chorus because that's the way they learned it back in the day—but it is utterly delectable. The way Rob looks fondly at Mark, and Mark returns the look with complete adoration, is unbelievable, ground zero for some very lovely slashy thoughts on my part.

And here's my comment after I'd watched the video and my brain had exploded:

I haven't looked back.

To celebrate this fannish anniversary, I thought I'd put together an insanely long pic spam of the pretty British boys and men who make up TT, because they're very pretty. And because I wanted to.

This way to teh pretteh… )
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Friday, after a mere seven day wait, the Take That Progress Live Blu-Ray landed on my desk. It was going to be a busy weekend, and I should have crashed early, but I couldn't wait to see this:

I have got to love a fandom where this is our canon. *g*

Needless to say, it's a brilliant concert, and I enjoyed it immensely. And I couldn't resist putting together a massive pic spam of some of my favourite pics from the tour.

Cut to spare the TT-phobic )
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A few weeks ago, I finally broke down and got a used copy of Take That In Private on the Amazon UK marketplace. I've had it for a few weeks, but I only just noticed today that it came with a bit of a bonus tucked into the back cover:

Yep, that would be an actual 45 RPM single of Babe, Mark's first lead song with the band back in the day. Also, if you squint, you can see that at the top of the back flyleaf the previous owner has recorded when TT split up. I feel like I'm the keeper of a little piece of someone else's history.

In celebration of this little discovery, I thought I'd put up a quote from the book, with a few illustrating Markie pics. Because one can never have too many pics of Mark Owen. Srsly!

Cut to spare the sensibilities of the non-TT fans )
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I've been accumulating pics for yet another Take That pic spam, and I thought the occasion of the release of their latest video wouldn't be a bad time to finally do it. Especially since the video contains scruffy!Mark, and the pic spam is all about Mark and his occasional scruffiness.

Cut to spare the non-TT aficionados on the flist: )
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Last week, I ended up devouring Gary Barlow's autobiography in record time. (Yes, I've gone completely overboard on the Take That thing. Let's just accept that and move on.) Gary's story is a fascinating one - [ profile] halotolerant has pointed out it's a perfect classical narrative, going from success and hubris to nemesis to redemption,- but what's even better for my money is the glimpses it offers of the emotional life of the band.

The moment in the book I keep coming back to, over and over, is one that takes place after their reunion press conference, and focuses on Howard and Jason, who seem to have become my fave Take That RPS pairing:

This way for real life slashy h/c and an illustrative pic spam )
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Yesterday, we celebrated our 4th adoption day. Four years ago, we traveled to China to adopt the little girl who is now firmly a part of our family. It both seems like yesterday, and a million years ago. I can't quite remember what it was like not to be a mom.

This week was also my anniversary on LiveJournal. I've been on LJ for eight years now. Eight! (I came here chasing LotR VigBean RPS, if you can believe it.)

Eight years ago today, I posted my first VigBean RPS. Which I've just put up on AO3, for those of you who are curious about why I'll be going to hell in a handbasket:


(Given LJ's difficulties, I'm working seriously at putting all my stories up at AO3 now. Should you want to, you can find me at faviconprzed.)

Finally, courtesy of the Brit Awards and [ profile] halotolerant's mad pimping skills, I seem to have stumbled into a new RPS fandom: Take That. There is fic in progress (5,000 words of a World War I AU, and yes, I know I should really be working on my Pros BB story) and a possible vid. But today, for my own amusement, I thought I'd share a pic spam of some very pretty men.

The Take That Pic Spam of Doom, um, I Mean Adorableness )
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Work has been kind of nuts lately (lots of projects requiring lots of revisions all coming due at once) and home has been equally busy. But I decided to treat myself to a cheap copy of Wimbledon, a slight rom com with Paul Bettany, and Nicholaj Coster-Waldau (oh, and Kirsten Dunst) that I've been meaning to watch for ages.

It is lovely.

It's not deep, it doesn't have high drama, it follows the expected arc of a rom com. But it's chock full of good actors (James McAvoy, Bernard Hill, Eleanor Bron and Robert Lindsay have minor but key roles), the characters mostly behave like reasonable adults, and Bettany and Coster-Waldau play best friends and tennis practice partners with a nicely slashy vibe.

I mean, just look at them:

Aren't they adorable together?

At some point I've got to do a proper pic spam for both these lads.
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Last Sunday I took a mate to see Lawrence of Arabia in an actual 70 mm print at the Bell Light Box. It is without a doubt my favourite film of all time--I've seen it countless times--so I reckoned it was long past time for a big Lawrence pic spam to indulge my love.

This way to Peter O'Toole looking pretty (and one or two triggery things for the sensitive) )
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The annual Toronto After Dark film fest is on at the moment, which means plenty of genre film from around the world. Tonight they showed a movie I've been dying to see ever since the Sweetie sent me a link to the trailer, lo, these many months ago: Centurion.

Michael Fassbender stars as a member of the 9th Roman Legion that disappeared whilst fighting the Picts. Let us pause for a moment to admire Fassbender looking all bloody and angsty. (Is it wrong that I find guys who've had the snot kicked out of them kind of hot?)

The film was almost everything I'd hoped for (though the fights could have been better shot). And a large part of the attraction is Fassbender's...performance. (What? He's a really good actor. Really!)

This way to more pics of Mr. Fassbender )

Tomorrow, I'm back at the fest for a screening of Black Death, with one of my all-time faves, the Bean.

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