Sep. 22nd, 2017 11:35 pm
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Looks like BistoCon 2018 is on.

Dates and details very soon.
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After fighting wicked writer's block and general fannish ennui for the last few months, I've finally had a rather good week when it comes to fannish endeavours. I have:

1. Started and finished a new TT story. And not just finished it, but finished it well. It's one of the few times that I've felt the story does exactly what I wanted it to do, though it did take a couple of runs at a key scene to get it there. (Thanks [ profile] draycevixen for noting the "loss of voice" square on my [ profile] hc_bingo card. It was apparently just the prompt I needed.)

2. Started a new Pros vid with an eye to finishing it in time for BistoCon. I'm currently in the Clip Organizing Death March portion of the creative process, but it's definitely satisfying to be vidding again. And especially satisfying to be vidding the lads. It's made me remember how much I love them all over again.

3. Started to consider going to SHareCon. I hadn't even considered it because I didn't think it was fair to the Sweetie to take off on him for three cons this year. But he was poking around on my LJ (he does that occasionally) and noticed I'd mentioned I wasn't going to the con, he said "why not?" So I've started pricing flights to Baltimore.

Also, looking at footage of Doyle and considering my very favourite picture of Mark Owen has set me wondering if perhaps my affection for Mark isn't quite the anomaly I thought it was.

doyle-curly markowen143

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The remastered Pros is out, and I'm still agonizing about whether to go for the DVD or Blu-Ray set.

Does anyone know if the Blu-Rays really, truly are multi-region? Network's site says they are, but Amazon doesn't, and neither of them provides a helpful picture of the back of the cover where such information might be found.


R.I.P. Lew

Nov. 28th, 2013 12:16 pm
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Saw that Lewis Collins was trending on Twitter this morning, and feared the worse. Was absolutely gutted to learn that those fears were justified, and he has passed away.

Wild Justice 6

Pros is the fandom I've been active in the longest, and much of it comes down to the wonderful chemistry between Lewis and Martin Shaw in the show. I was lucky enough to see him years ago doing a regional theatre tour of Dangerous Corner. (I dragged the Sweetie to Croydon to see it.) The play wasn't brilliant, but Lewis was far and away the best thing in it, and clearly enjoyed performing. I now doubly regret not going to the stage door afterwards.

Hugs to all my fellow Pros fans today.
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I'm determined to finally get my Pros novel, Exile, posted by this weekend. But because I am clearly far too picky/insane, I'm giving it one last read through. 63,000 words down. 19,000 to go.

And as many times as I've gone through it, I'm still finding the odd thing to tweak.

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Inspired by seeing Kaiser Chiefs this week, I've finally put my Pros vid, Love's Not a Competition up on my YouTube channel.

This is the last Pros vid I made, though certainly not the last one I intend to make. I've got two Pros vid ideas currently percolating, and I'm hoping to get to at least one of them soonish. And I also plan to put most of my older vids up on YT eventually, though that's a long term goal. (I have a grand scheme to re-do my very first I Spy vid to get rid of the technical glitches I didn't know enough to avoid, but that is a long term goal.)
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I had a lovely experience working on the vid trailer for JoJo's fantastic story, Touch Sensitive.

Thanks to both [ profile] ancastar and [ profile] draycevixen for betaing. And to JoJo for the lovely story and providing a fab song choice.

If you'd like a copy of the vid, here's the Download Link.

And here's the Link to the Fic:
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I had the pleasure of creating a vid trailer for [ profile] draycevixen's wonderful story, Ninety-nine Yew Trees. She provided the song choice and inspiration. I hope I've captured some of the spirit of the story.

If you'd like a copy, here's the Download Link.

Link to Fic: Fic Master Post
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I uploaded three stories (the first three Comfort and Joy stories) to the new Automated Hatstand Archive. Perhaps this will make me get off me arse and update my own website with the two years of backlogged stories I've got kicking around.

The Toronto International Film Festival (hereafter TIFF) starts next Thursday. Which means tomorrow is the day our picks are due for the ticket lottery. Which means part of tonight was spent making final decisions and filling out the forms.

Viggo Mortensen has two films at the fest: Appaloosa and Good. The Sweetie forgot to try and get me a single ticket to the special presentation of Appaloose (he felt awful, but I figure it's the universe just telling me not to spend 40 bucks on a movie, even if Mr. Mortensen will be in attendance) so my one shot of seeing him is Good. I'm iffy on seeing him play a Nazi sympathizer, but hey, it's Viggo. I'll pretty much watch him in anything. (Almost anything. Not the remake of Vanishing Point, though. No way. No how. ::shudder::)

(The Sweetie thinks we should take Ros down to the red carpet when Appaloosa has it's premiere. On account of the fact that every time she sees my Return of the King poster with Viggo in full Aragorn mode she shouts "Viggo." Then again, that might just come across as creepy.)

Keep your fingers crossed for us drawing a good position in the lottery, would ya?
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[ profile] veronicaluv assigned me The Ojuka Situation. The episode is a personal favourite and I've no doubt seen it way too many times, so it was a special pleasure to do a commentary for it. And even after all this time, there were a few things I picked up on that I hadn't noticed before.

The Ojuka Commentary )

Pros Fun

Nov. 3rd, 2007 08:36 pm
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Inspired by [ profile] msmoat, who started it all, and modified for my crazy life...

So, here's the deal. I will watch whatever episode the first person who comments suggests. Because my time is not my own, it will be watched some time in the next week, but I make no guarantees about when. (But that's okay, 'cause it spreads out the fun, right?) I will then post (sort of) in-depth comments about and lots of lovely screen caps from that episode. Okay? And if you'd like to do the same, just post the prompt in your LJ and I'll comment with an episode title for you. (Or someone might beat me to it, but that's all to the good. *g*)
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In our baby sign language class today the topic was animals. So we're learning bear and lion and tiger. And then we get to monkey. I look over at the Sweetie. He looks at me. We both smile.

Coming out of class, I turn to him.

Me: So do you know what I was thinking when we did the sign for monkey?
Sweetie: Bodie.
Me: Ah, it's good to know I've infected your brain.
Sweetie: I haven't even seen that episode and I thought of Bodie.
Me: My work is done.

So, to torment you all (and cut to protect those with delicate sensibilities), may I present...
Bodie demonstrating the ASL sign for monkey )
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So I'm working on a new Pros vid*, and I'm pulling footage from the scene in Public Interest where Bodie and Doyle surrender to the bent coppers. And I happen to notice how Doyle is standing.

He and Bodie are in mortal danger and Doyle's still doing his patented, hip-cocked pose. God bless 'im.

*Don't hold your breath quite yet. It's going to take me a while.
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For fun, a silly little ficlet written for [ profile] shayheyred as comment fic. The lovely Shay provided an utterly evil prompt. This is the result...

Betty's Revenge )
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Second last day, and my second last fannish post for a while.

For this post, I've stuck with composition again. In going through all the various screen captures I've accumulated and made over the years, I started noticing how many lovely ones there are with one of the lads shot just behind the other one. Like this one from Backtrack, with them both in black leather catman gear.

More over the shoulder shots )
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Today, some film studies geekery: the shot/reverse shot. This is one of the basic editing building blocks that T.V. shows are constructed on: you have a shot of one character, followed by a second shot of the character he's talking too.

So why should a Pros fan care about this? Because it allows for all sorts of lovely nonverbal communication between our two lads. So here's some nice examples of the form from some Pros eps.

From serious to silly )
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More slashy Pros goodness for the PSP Challenge.

Well, we've seen the lads looking gorgeous. How about taking a look at when they're just too adorable for words?

Adorable-ness run riot... )
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Sure Bodie and Doyle are gorgeous men, but let's take a look at when they're really gorgeous, shall we?

Cleaned-Up Doyle and Scruffy Bodie )
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This time, I've done (far too many) caps from one of my very favourite scenes in the whole series.

Brooding Doyle and Cajoling Bodie from The Rack )
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[ profile] paris7am had the genius idea for a 7 day Pros Slash Proliferation Challenge.

I don't really have the time to do it properly (7 days to China!) but I reckon I can at least post some inspiring pics.

The lads in formal dishabille )

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