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Since I missed my Thursday Tae Kwan Do class (was knackered after staying up too late going through the film fest program book) I thought I'd go for a run with a co-worker at lunch time. I carefully took my Ventolin before the run, and took a break when I could feel my asthma coming on, but I did pretty good. I even had enough gas in the tank to sprint the last 50 m.

And then my scalp got itchy, and my face swelled up, and my throat started closing down, and I had to take my Epipen on the street while my co-worker worriedly looked on. And then another co-worker drove me to the E.R., where they stuck an IV in my arm, attached me to a heart monitor, and then made me stay in the hospital for four hours. (I finished the book I was reading, and then took a nap for the rest of the afternoon.)

I want a new body. Seriously. (Who the heck is allergic to running?!)

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I was coaching solo last night since the Sweetie and Ros are up north visiting his parents. It was a lovely night for playing, just the right temperature, but the team sort of completely fell apart. Even our best players weren't playing well, and I had to keep reminding several of our less enthusiastic kids that they were there to play soccer, not tag. I also nearly lost my voice yelling at one of our goalies who was sitting on the ground, facing the wrong way as the opposing team was barrelling towards him. Final score, 6 – 0, and not for us. Oh well, we're still having fun, and I'm hoping this is just a blip.

In other news, I've been spending my time sans famille in reasonably productive and fun ways. I have:

  • Gone out for dinner and a movie with a friend I haven't seen for ages (The movie was Prometheus, which was middling, but Michael Fassbender was awesome in it, and I had fun picking out the Lawrence of Arabia quotes)
  • Gone for a pedicure and lunch with another friend
  • Gone to see Toronto FC play a friendly match with Liverpool FC with a mate from work (As a bonus, TFC held their own and kept LFC to a draw)
  • Frozen some fresh peaches (I'm hoping to get some actual canning done in the next week)
  • Tamed the weeds in the backyard
  • Seen The Dark Knight Rises in IMAX. (My verdict: The film did not need to be nearly 3 hours long, but the climax and denouement knock it out of the park. Loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Michael Caine made me cry. Twice!)
  • Added over 5,000 new words to my Take That Big Bang story (The sucker is going to hit nearly 20,000 words. Crikey!)

    Not bad, considering I've been dealing with a stupid pain flare that resulted in not a whole lot of sleep over the weekend. (It was kicked off by me having two white chocolate chip cookies on Friday at a company picnic. Two measly cookies! Clearly, I need to avoid sugar entirely. Which okay, is a healthy thing to do, but still sucks. I've only had ice cream a couple of times this summer! /whine)

    Tonight, I'm off to see Magic Mike with a few friends. Then tomorrow night, I jump on a bus and join the family up at my mom's.

    Now, I just need to get cracking on the Pros Big Bang story. Zombies, ahoy!
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    So, my week started well, and then rapidly got weird/bad/semi-dangerous. Let me share it with you.

    The Good )

    The Bad )
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    One week, almost to the hour, since she had her stroke, my aunt has passed away.

    She went peacefully, surrounded by her children, and after the past week, I'm taking that as a blessing.
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    We got back from visiting my mom this afternoon.

    My aunt is still hanging on, though it would honestly be a mercy if she wasn't. She's a shell of herself, and the only thing she can do is move one arm slightly. The only thing they're doing for her medically is giving her morphine so she isn't in pain.

    I was able to say goodbye, and I'm pretty sure she knew I was there because she did move her arm and her breathing sped up a bit, but that's all. She was always a vibrant, funny woman, and a big part of my life growing up, so it's very hard to see her like this.

    Now all we're doing is awaiting the phone call so we can go back up for the funeral.

    In further bad news, I found out today, via Neil Gaiman's blog, that Diana Wynne Jones has just passed away. I've only read a few of her books (Archer's Goon and The Tough Guide to Fantasyland are favourites) but have always meant to delve more into her oeuvre. And she's the author I always give to younger friends who want to branch out in fantasy beyond Harry Potter. I'm putting the books by her I have sitting on my shelf next in the reading queue.

    My Day

    Jul. 18th, 2010 10:24 pm
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    I have a feeling I'm not going to be making my pledged word count. On account of the day we've just had.

    Our plan was to spend the late morning and afternoon shopping for camping equipment and possibly even the barbeque we've been promising ourselves for, oh, ten years now. So we headed off to Mountain Equipment Co-op for the first leg of the trip. We found Ros' first sleeping bag (she was very excited and wanted to sleep in it immediately) and a new swimsuit for her. We also decided the lovely though their four hundred dollar tent was, we were probably going to be fine with the two hundred dollar tent at Canadian Tire. ( A note to non-Canadians: Canadian Tire isn't really a tire store. It's more like a tire, automotive, hardware, sporting goods, housewares, whatever-else-they-decide-they-can-find-room-for store.)

    By this time it's after noon, there's a hot dog stand outside, so we all decide hot dogs would be groovy before heading off on the next leg of our epic shopping journey. There is exactly one bench outside the store, and we manage to score it. The bench is right beside the door to the store.

    Ros has a couple of bites of her hotdog, then turns to me and says "Look! I can touch the door." I have a conversation with her about how she shouldn't touch the door, and she could get her fingers caught in it, and this is a safety thing and mommy is very serious about safety things, right? Ros agrees, and I figure we've dodged a bullet.

    Cut, because while this has a happy ending, you can see where this is going right? )

    The Job

    Jul. 15th, 2010 11:07 pm
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    So, I've mentioned the new gig is going well. Very well, as a matter of fact. I finished my first big training initiative about two weeks ago, had multiple people compliment me on how well it had gone, had my director stop me in the street to say how much she appreciated my efforts, and then had my manager send me a big long email last Friday saying how people keep stopping her in the halls to say how much they like my work, and that I've totally won over the directors group, who were all skeptical about relaunching the training role.


    It's still awesome, but this morning I had a wee freak out moment. I got a phone call from HR Guy 2 (of my hiring experience) telling me that HR Guy 1 needed to meet with me in the HR room in twenty minutes.

    Now some of you will recall that the last time I was called into a room by HR people it ended with me being laid off. So in spite of how much positive feedback I've received, I'm suddenly in a panic, thinking I've done something to piss someone off, the jig is up, and they're going to fire me.

    That wasn't it, of course. They needed me to do last minute training on a last minute hire on a system I didn't know. So I had under three hours to put together materials and a session. Which I did just fine, of course.

    But man, it was interesting how quickly my brain and body went into the worst case scenario panic.

    In other news, here's my Big Bang status:

    One scene down, eleven to go. This may just be do-able. Assuming I don't keel over in exhaustion, of course. (I was Solo Mom tonight whilst the Sweetie went to see Toy Story 3, and while we had a lovely evening at the local farmer's market, Ros kept me hopping and I'm now feeling squashed flat.)
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    The bad news is I got detained at the border on my way to MediaWest. For an hour and a half.

    It all started when the officer at U.S. customs asked me to pop my trunk. Since I was carrying 20 copies of my vids, I knew I was in trouble. When she asked me to pull over to the side, I knew I was in big trouble.

    Customs Dude: So, what's on the disks?
    Me: Music videos I've made.
    Customs Dude: Is this copyrighted material?
    Me: Uhhhh.

    Needless to say, this did not go well. Just try and explain song vids and fandom to a nice, clean-cut, young customs dude. While your adrenal glands are going into overdrive.

    Customs Dude: Why do you make these videos?
    Me: Ummm...
    Customs Dude: How did you start doing this?
    Me: I honestly have no idea how to answer that. Have you got 3 hours?

    Then they stuck me in a little plastic chair in the lobby while they thoroughly searched my car.

    Customs Dude: Is there anything I should know about in the car? Any weapons, explosives drugs?
    Me: Um, no.

    Then left me waiting longer while they watched the vids.

    Customs Dude: We're going to have to refer this to a senior officer.

    Customs dudes and dudettes file in and out of the office where they've taken the disk. At one point, three older customs dudes, complete with typical cop moustaches, stand at the back of the office and stare at me for ten minutes. All the while, I'm playing nightmare scenarios in my head. What if they confiscate the vids? What if they confiscate my car? What if they arrest me and THROW ME IN JAIL?

    At one point, I start cycling through what's on the disks. I don't think there's anything too bad, until I realize the new vid is on the disk. The one called Pop A Boner. The one will lots and lots of male nudity and several shots of boys kissing boys. The adrenaline in my system hits record levels.

    Finally, after an hour and a half, the nice, clean-cut, young customs dude comes back with the duffel containing my vids. And gives it back to me.

    Customs Dude: We're going to give them back to you but...
    Me: Don't do it again.
    Customs Dude: Yeah. Basically. And if you want to do it again, mail the disks ahead.
    Me: Um, okay.

    So, I get in my car, drive to the first rest stop, leave a hysterical message on my sweetie's voicemail and do the rest of the drive to Lansing.

    Fortunately, the rest of the con was fabulous and amazing, but I really could have done with a better start.

    And at least I'm not in jail.

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