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It's been a mad few days, with a bit of good stuff mixed in with a bit of bad.

The Good
We took Ros to a Saturday afternoon kid's screening of the original Bad News Bears at our favourite local rep house and she enjoyed it. Though, man, there's more tough stuff than even I was expecting, including a coach/father hitting his kid on the field and a tough little kid who uses the N word. Repeatedly. (Yikes!)

At the urging of [ profile] franzeska, I've started putting pages up on AO3 for my vids, including non-password protected links. The vids up there so far are:
  • I Would Die for You (I Spy)
  • Forget Regret (Pros)
  • Love's Not a Competition (Pros)
  • Pieces of Heaven (Pros)
  • Halo (Sherlock Holmes, Downey Films)
  • The Patron Saint of Lost Causes (Take That)

    This has led to the shocking realization that I made I Would Die for You, my first vid back in 2002! Where has the time gone?

    The Bad
    I started my Saturday with a 6:45 a.m. black belt training session at our martial arts school. And promptly started having an anaphylaxis attack after we'd completed the run at the start. Mouth swelling, eyes swelling and, most alarmingly, throat swelling. Which meant taking Benadryl, hightailing it home, waiting to make sure that my throat had stopped swelling, and then letting the drugs knock me out for over four hours. Not the way I'd planned on spending my Saturday morning. And annoyingly, it meant missing the martial arts part of the class that I actually enjoy.

    The Sweetie: You know, some people would take this as a sign that they shouldn't be exercising.
    Me: But I like exercising! I don't want this to keep happening!

    Nor was that the end of it. I woke up both Sunday and Monday with my eyes swollen again, and the Benadryl hangover was giving me a persistent headache that finally tipped into migraine territory today. Joy. Adding to the fun, the cold that's been nipping at my heels finally caught me today, so I bowed to the inevitable and took the day off.

    The Inbetween
    Since I was stuck at home anyway, and the headache wasn't quite enough to require a dark, quiet room, I decided to park myself on the couch and mainline six of the Legends episodes I had sitting on the PVR. That was...interesting. I wouldn't call it good, but it's at least amusing seeing what accents The Bean attempts each episode when he's undercover. Worst accent so far: Texan. (Who the hell thought Sean Bean doing a Texan accent was a good idea?) Most amusing: a Liverpool accent that never drifted past the outskirts of Sheffield. Oh Sean, never change.
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    So, someone posted this pic on [ profile] seanbeandaily of the Bean in the costume he wore during his run of Macbeth in 2002.


    Which brought to my mind this pic of Take That from '94.
    Oh, the outfits...

    I'm still not quite sure if the universe just went out of alignment or my brain is horribly skewed or both, but there you go. :-/


    May. 5th, 2014 11:17 pm
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    The Bean is in a movie with Channing Tatum?! Why didn't anyone tell me the Bean is in movie with Channing Tatum?!!!!! And that they team up and try to save the universe and Mila Kunis?!!!!! (I think I've found my favourite movie for the summer.)

    If you heard high pitched squealing tonight, that was me watching this trailer.
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    Thanks to everyone for all the lovely birthday greetings. It definitely made my day more special.

    It was sort of a low key birthday, but very nice for all that. I started by skiving off this afternoon. I had half a personal day I had to use by the end of the week, and I was thinking of using it later in the week, but I decided fuck it, took this afternoon off. I met the Sweetie for lunch (had a lovely butternut squash ravioli at a bistro near his work), renewed my driver's licence (as one does on one's birthday in Canada), and then went home and watched POI and Top Gear until the Sweetie got home. Then it was pick Ros up after her Cantonese class and go to a nice Chinese restaurant for dinner, then cake and pressies at home.

    The cake was awesome. It's our usual white chocolate mousse birthday cake from the caterer who did our wedding, but the Sweetie made it even more awesome by having them put a certain logo on the top.


    Since I can't have chocolate, the logo is yummy licorice.

    A couple of more pics this way )

    In non-birthday news, I finished my Yuletide story yesterday, got it back from my betas today, and they have declared it doesn't suck. Which is a relief. It was oddly easy to write, and I was fearing that meant it wasn't any good.

    Tomorrow is my last martial arts class before I do my first belt test at this school. Aiiiieeeee! I am strangely nervous, considering I'm really not fussed about whether I pass or not.

    Also, as of Saturday, our mortgage is sort of paid off. Yay!!!! Now let the retirement saving commence in earnest!
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    Hoorah for LJ being back up! (Not that I've had much time to be online this week, but any time I had a few minutes spare and couldn't access the site, well, pretty much sucked.

    But in the meantime, I've been sort of productive! I've been making steady progress on my Pros Big Bang story. Here's the current word count:

    So, I'm firmly over the minimum, which is good, but there'll still be a bit of a slog getting to the end. I can't quite believe I've come up with another plot that's going to take me 30,000 words. Well, at least there are no zombies this time. :-/ And I'm firmly in the final climactic bit, so there's lots of lovely emotional scenes I can get my teeth into, which is fun, even if, as always, I'm terrified I'm going to screw them up.

    In my other fandom du jour, the Take That love also continues unabated, and seems to be transferring to my daughter quite nicely. Tonight I was on the laptop whilst she was watching The Cat in the Hat, when she happened to catch a glimpse of the pic of Mark in the glittery suit I've posted before.

    Ros: Who's that?!
    Me: That's Mark. He's in Take That. He's one of the guys who sings Patience.
    Ros: I like that picture!

    That's my girl.

    She then take over the laptop and starts scrolling through my (frighteningly extensive) collection of TT pics, and asking me about the Progress tour. I am currently under orders to find pictures for her of:
  • The boys in the light up suits
  • Mark riding the giant caterpillar
  • Mark, barefoot on stage after his shoes got drenched in the rain

    Oh, the hardship. *g*

    I'm also in the last fifty pages of A Game of Thrones. I lurved the mini-series so much that I decided to re-read the first three books so I could finally read the fourth one, and then move on to the new one. I reckon I'll finish them all around Christmas. (Oh, for infinite reading time. As well as writing and vidding time, of course.)

    And finally, one of our local rep houses showed Equilibrium last night, which is a huge Sean Bean guilty pleasure of mine, and I dragged along a friend and her sixteen-year-old son. The son already loved the movie--he watched it at our place once when he was babysitting--and my friend is now a new convert. It's not a great film, and there are plot holes you could drive several large lorries through, but my god, it's a nicely shot film. Plus the Bean is lovely, and it's chock full of characters actors I adore. William Fichtner! Angus MacFadyen! Sean Pertwee! And Christian Bale ain't so bad in the lead, either. ::sigh::
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    The Sweetie and I have been together since 1997. That's 14 years. And for 14 years, he's been mocking Sean Bean pretty mercilessly. The nicest thing he's called him is "Sean Bean, the actor who dies." Which admittedly, the Bean does pretty often.

    But Game of Thrones has turned the Sweetie around on the Bean. As the series has progressed, he's gone from "Sean's pretty good," to "I really like him," to "I'm really looking forward to the new episode every week."

    And today, when I emailed him to warn him that Richard Burgi--another actor he's none too fond of--was in the Chuck finale, this is the response I got:

    There you have it; the Sweetie loves Sean Bean. I can totally hold this over him for, like ever.

    In other signs of the coming apocalypse, I'd stuck in the DVD of Take That's Abbey Road concert whilst I was cooking dinner last night. (I think it's safe to say that the Sweetie hates TT more than he ever did the Bean.) But he stuck his head in the kitchen when they started playing Shine, and we had this exchange:

    Sweetie: What is this, Take That Unplugged?
    Me: Pretty much, yeah.
    Sweetie: ::listens for a second:: This song, it's pretty good, really.
    Me: ::smiles smugly::

    I think I'm going to use Mark Owen as the Sweetie's entry drug to TT, since the only other song of their he's had a remotely good word for is Kidz.
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    I should be working on Pros Big Bang type stuff (and you Pros fans out there, you are going to sign up at [ profile] ci5_boxoftricks, yeah?) but I've been briefly distracted by Sean Bean and the upcoming Game of Thrones min-series.

    I've been waiting for Games of Thrones to air since they announced they were filming the pilot. And now it's nearly here. For fun (and so I can keep track of them) here's the latest trailer for the mini-series. It looks delicious.

    And here's a very sweet interview with the Bean about his role in Game of Thrones. He's looking better than he has done in the last couple of years, and he should make an utterly perfect Ned Stark.

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