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I've been gradually catching up on things since I finished all things black belt, and one of the main things has been watching the final season of Person of Interest.

I'm down to the last episode and am very nervous. They've already ripped my heart out several times, and given some of you have said (hi, [ profile] draycevixen and [ profile] msmoat ), I'm prepared to have it ripped out and shredded some more.

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Lured by the evil temptresses [ profile] halotolerant, [ profile] norfolkdumpling and [ profile] dorinda, I decided to give the first episode of Hannibal a go.

Never have I been so conflicted with a show.

On the one hand, it's gorgeously shot, well-written, and Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are fantastic individually, and an even better double act.

On the other hand, there are two scenes (just quick ones, involving a corpse and body parts) that got under my skin and had me obsessing over them whilst trying to get to sleep.

I should just call it quits there, but the good stuff is sooo good. And the promised slash looks, forgive me, delicious.

Damn you, Bryan Fuller, and your gorgeous, horrible show.
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So, why has no one mentioned how awesome Community is?

The Sweetie suggested we give it a shot a few weeks ago when they were running a marathon, and it took about half an episode to hook us both. It's funny, and smart and trades on pop culture references-o-rama.

Plus, the nominal lead guy is charming, sarcastic, and more than a bit of a jerk, just the way I like 'em. Plus, he looks like this:

I mean, just LOOK AT HIM! All stubbly and wry and smiley.

Tonight we finally caught the Modern Warfare episode, which spoofs every action film I've ever seen and a few I haven't. I haven't laughed that hard in eons.

Here's the network promo for it:

When it was over, the Sweetie turned to me.

Sweetie: So, you're buying the DVD, right?
Me: Oh. Yeah.
Sweetie: Thought so.
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As if I needed any more excuse to love Simon Baker in The Mentalist, in this week's episode he shows up driving a Citroen DS21. A powder blue one. How awesome is that?

(I have a soft spot for Citroens. The first family car I remember was a Citroen DS, which my car loving father babied for a number of years. And if anyone still imported them into Canada, I'd buy one like a shot.)

In celebration of the convergence of a favourite actor and a favourite car, pics!

The man:

How can you not love this guy?

The car:

And is not this one of the coolest cars ever?
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Saw the pilot for Smith last night (for once being Canadian means seeing a show first) and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The spoilery stuff )

The slash fen among you should keep an eye on the characters played by Jonny Lee Miller and Simon Baker. And then report back and tell me if I'm crazy.
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Well, we're finished the Painting the Baseboards adventure, are midway through the Moving Everything Off the Second Floor adventure and ready to start the Have the Hardwood Floors Installed on Said Second Floor adventure starting on Monday. As a result, I've mostly been MIA on LJ. But I do have a few brief TV related musings.

First off, we finally finished season 1 of Veronica Mars. Just in time for season 2 to finally show on Canadian TV. (And I'm really trying hard not to stress about the fact that we've already got 4 eps of it built up on the PVR. I have a feeling we're going to resort to buying the box set of season 2 almost as soon as it's out.) I love Veronica Mars, and think it's one of the smartest shows out there, but there's always a but, isn't there? )

Second, I have officially given up on The Chief. I've had 17 episodes of it sitting on the PVR since at least the spring, and not even the gorgeousness of Martin Shaw (and he is bloody gorgeous in it) can make me watch the damn thing. In which P rants about the wretchedness of The Chief... )

On the other hand, I've decided I utterly adore Judge John Deed. Ah, Deed, how I love you; and how you frustrate me... )

I may be disappearing entirely for a week or two. On top of the house stuff, I'm about to try upgrading my computer. New hard drives (320 GB!), new OS (Tiger!), new software (Final Cut HD!), all of which is probably going to entail new memory and a new graphics card, though that remains to be seen. If it all goes south, it may take me a bit to get it all sorted. So, send your good computer thoughts my way.

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