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Popping my head up for this year's Hallowe'en festivities.

Ros wanted to carve our two pumpkins herself. She kept one a secret. It turned out to be a Cap shield pumpkin she carved just for her mom. Awwwww.

A couple of more Hallowe'en pics this way )

It's been a bit of a Marvel week in the Zed household. I talked the Sweetie into watching the first Cap with me this weekend. (He's a hardcore Marvel comics fan, but only lukewarm on the movies.) This led to this exchange.

Sweetie: Hey, that's Dum Dum Dugan. I recognize the hat. He's a Howling Commando.
Me: Yeah, all the Howling Commandos are in it. Falsworth, Gabe Jones, Jim Morita.
Sweetie: Wait, you know the names of the Howling Commandos?
Me: Of course. They're important in the whole Cap mythos.
Sweetie: Oh my god, I can't believe you know the names of the Howling Commandos.
Me: Heh.

All that reading a shedload of Stucky fic is paying off if I can match his Marvel geekiness. *g*

Friday, we're going to see the first show of Doctor Strange. (I'm taking the day off. The Sweetie is on his last week off before starting a new job.) This should be interesting. The Sweetie is a huge Strange fan, but can't stand Benedict Cumberbatch. I really want to see it with him because I suspect his head might explode. That, or he'll finally admit Cumberbatch is a good actor. *g*
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Since Ros is handling the dementors and various deaths in Harry Potter perfectly fine, we thought we'd give The Princess Bride a go for the first Family Movie Night of the year.

Yeah, that didn't go well.

Both the Sweetie and I remembered it as being light and funny.

Ros will no doubt remember it entirely because the R.O.U.S.s (Rodents of Unusual Size) scared her witless.

Okay, so it is a bit scary looking, for a little dude in a mangy costume.

She didn't do so well with Wesley being tortured or the final duel between Inigo and Count Rugen either.

Our plans to show her Star Wars are now on hold for a bit. (I'm betting Aunt Beru's death would do Ros in.) Though I'm seriously considering pulling out my old Star Wars novelization to read to her ahead of time, since she seems to be less scared when she knows exactly what's going to happen from the start. (She knows every Harry Potter spoiler there is.)

So, it's back to slapstick, screwball comedies and sports movies for a bit. Oh, and Gilmore Girls, which I have hooked her on. (I'm going to try original Trek next time, The Trouble with Tribbles and A Piece of the Action. I suspect if I showed her the salt vampire one she'd never forgive me. *g*)
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This was the week for Rosalind's ice show, so that's pretty much been my whole week. There was a full run through on Tuesday, dress rehearsal on Thursday, one show Friday night, and a matinee and evening show today.

I volunteered in the dressing room for the dress and the Friday night show, which meant working with four or five other parents, depending on the night, to make sure twenty-four little girls had their skates done up, their costumes on, and their helmets buckled, getting them on and off the ice with minimal chaos, and making sure they kept occupied when they were not on the ice with the least amount of mayhem possible. Last year I only volunteered one night and felt wrecked at the end, but this year I made it through both nights okay. I think knowing what to expect--i.e. constantly being on call to answer questions and help little kids with everything from making sure the safety pins holding the flowers on their costume was securely fastened to holding the door on the toilet cubicle in the slightly battered arena dressing room we were assigned.

Ros had a great time, and was ecstatic that I let her wear makeup for the show. (She saw kids wearing it for last year's show and has bugged me all year to let her get some.) Since it has literally been decades since I've worn makeup, that meant getting her some eyeshadow and lipstick in not too garish colours. Here's a slightly goofy picture showing the results:

I let her practice with the makeup herself between shows today so she could bring it and put it on herself without me in the dressing room. I predict many upcoming battles on why she can't wear makeup all the time. She's growing up so fast! ::sigh::

The Sweetie and I had tickets for today's matinee, and I have to say the club does a really good job at putting together a good show. I'm amazed at how efficiently they get large groups of little kids on and off the ice, especially given what I know about how crazy it is backstage. From the stands it all looks effortless.

I took the good camera to try and get a picture of Ros on the ice. That was a bit challenging, given that I also wanted to enjoy those three minutes as much as possible. This one didn't turn out too badly )

During this section they formed a wheel with four spokes spinning around. After many interesting screwups during rehearsals, including a rehearsal where Ros' line managed to go through another line, they pulled it off for the show. It helped that Ros' line finally put Ros at the end. For the rehearsals they kept putting the smallest kid at the end, and since the end skater has to go the fastest, the poor kid kept falling.

Ros' number was called Sunshine, and the song they used was Sunshine Day, which I only realized after several weeks of watching rehearsals was sung by The Brady Bunch. YouTube has helpfully supplied a video of the song from the show. There's a blast from my childhood.

Tomorrow there will be much relaxing, and then on Tuesday the spring session of skating lessons starts. Yikes! At least we get the summer off.
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Even more than usual, I've been swamped. At work we're gearing up to implement a big project that I'm going to be doing all the documentation and training for. And my new boss, who I mostly like (mostly) is STRESSING ME OUT. By doing things like asking me to plan out what the training will look like when we still have no earthly idea what the system even looks like or how it's going to change our business processes. ::deep calming breaths::

At home, Ros is her usual busy self. By the time we get her home and to bed most nights I am utterly shattered. Which is frustrating because there's tons I'd like to watch or read or write. I've been doing a lot of staying up too late attempting to write, poking about on Tumblr instead until I stumble to bed like a sleep-deprived zombie.

But there's still good stuff going on, so this is a catch up post before I completely forget it all.

I'm back in full swing at Taekwando, and as of yesterday the hematoma has finally stopped hurting. Yay!

I hit a little milestone on AO3 this week. My Yuletide story for this past year,
The First Time 'Round, is my first story to hit 100 kudos. Not huge by some standards, but it's kind of satisfying. I'm just amused that it's a one shot, Edge of Tomorrow fic that got there first and not fic in one of my major fandoms.

A couple of weeks ago we took Ros to her first actual concert: The Decemberists at Massey Hall. Here's the picture she let me take of her in our seats while we were waiting for the show to start:

We wanted to take her to a gig before the big Take That show so she could test her new (pink!) ear defenders and get a sense of what a concert is like. (Seven weeks today we'll be leaving for England!) The Decemberists seemed like a good band to try her out on because they were, for the first time ever in Toronto, playing a soft seat venue, and they're a pretty genial live band. She did okay, but conked out three songs in, and only woke up for The Mariner's Revenge song at the end. Which is a good song to wake up for because as well as getting the audience to scream for the giant whale attack in the song, they now have a giant foam whale on stage that "eats" the band. Trust me on this, it's hilarious.

The Toronto Film Fest's Kid Film Fest is on at the moment. Last Saturday we took Ros and a friend to see Shaun the Sheep the Movie. (Or at it is in the credits: Shaun the Sheep MOVIE.) Which the girls enjoyed immensely, and so did we. Tomorrow we're taking Ros and another friend to the fest for a Looney Tunes program preceded by a pancake breakfast. And tonight we watch the second Harry Potter movie. Ros has started nitpicking all the things they change for the movies. Our little fangirl!

And finally, the rehearsals have started for Ros' ice show. The theme for the year is the Seasons, and Ros' number is Sunshine. Last weekend was also the picture day for the ice show, and I have to say that Ros' costume is adorable )

And now I must crash.
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I've only had a few minutes online this weekend. The Sweetie has swanned off to L.A. this weekend to attend the TCM Classic Film Festival (which given how many times I've swanned off to cons he's totally owed) so it's been a Mom and Ros weekend. Which has been fun--there was a Taekwando belt grading for Ros on Friday night, and the One of a Kind craft show, bowling with a friend of Ros' and her dad, and Hockey Night in Canada yesterday--but utterly exhausting. Every night I've planned on getting some writing/watching/computer time in after Ros' bedtime and every night I've ended up crashing along with her. Ros ran out of steam herself this afternoon (probably due to late night hockey watching followed by an early morning wake up--she insisted on getting up at 6:30!--and running around with a friend for an early afternoon play date) so I enforced an on-time bedtime and thought surely I'll get a bit of time tonight. But no, I'm apparently still knackered and crashed again.

All you single parents out there have my total respect.

I did, however, carve out an hour in between laundry and dishes when Ros was at her friend's place to watch yesterday's Badgers game. They took on Arizona, and while it wasn't quite as nail-biting a game as the UNC game, but it was still a great game and the Badgers players made some lovely plays. And now they're on to the Final Four for a second year. They're taking on Kentucky, so I'm not going to count too much on them taking it all, but I've definitely enjoyed getting to watch so much basketball.
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Ros and I have been pushing through Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and finally finished it earlier this week. She loved it, and has been discussing the books with her friends. (I was all set to retire my spoiler t-shirt, but she already knows that Dumbledore dies!)

Tonight we watched the first movie for family movie night. It's the first movie she's been enthusiastic about since she was a toddler and wanted to watch Snow White over and over again.

It was adorable watching her react to all the bits in the movie she knew from the book. Mostly she kept saying "that's not how I imagined it." Except for Ollivanders Wand Shop, which she said was exactly how she imagined it.

She freaked out a bit at the end--Fluffy and Voldemort appearing in the back of Quirrell's head were just a bit too much for her--but still gave it a firm thumb's up at the end. Yay!

We've already started reading The Chamber of Secrets. The Sweetie picked it up this week whilst I was indisposed. (I'm finally feeling mostly human! Yay!) Ros loves the flying car. The Sweetie, on the other hand, keeps wondering why the heck they keep sending Harry back to spend summers with those horrible Dursleys! (I have to admit I question Dumbledore's wisdom on this point as well.)
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In the wake of Ros' Harry Potter obsession, I picked up the first book this week. We're now three chapters in, and I have to say I'm enjoying reading it aloud far more than I did reading it to myself back when it first came out.

Having an appreciative audience probably helps. Ros giggled through the entire chapter of Harry getting all those Hogwarts letters. And she let out a long dismayed "nooooo" when the chapter was over.
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Up until this week, Ros has shown absolutely no interest in Harry Potter. Her daycare teacher has been reading them the first book, and she's made a point of telling me she goes off and does something else in the room so she doesn't have to pay attention to it.

That changed this week, when we had this conversation.

Ros: Mommy, do you like Harry Potter?
Me: Not really. Do you?
Ros: No.

She then launched into a detailed description of the first book. A really, really detailed description. Which was occasionally interrupted by me.

Me: Are you sure you don't like Harry Potter?
Ros: No, I don't. And do you know how Harry got on the Quidditch team?

By the next day she was quizzing the Sweetie on Harry Potter trivia and admitting that maybe she liked Harry Potter. The day after that she was sure she likes Mr. Potter and wants to read the first book at home because they're reading it too slowly at daycare. And a day after that she agreed to give the first movie a try once she'd read the book.

So it looks like we'll be visiting the Harry Potter set in London. And when we mentioned the Harry Potter theme park in Florida Ros was miffed.

Ros: Why didn't you tell me about the park when we were in Florida?
Me: Because you told us you didn't like Harry Potter when we were in Florida.

I'm not fond of the Hogswarts crew myself (except Hermione!) but I have to admit I'm a little bit pleased that Ros is showing a budding fannish interest in a fannish text.

So, does anyone know how much time one should allow for a visit to the Harry Potter sets?


Oct. 31st, 2014 11:39 pm
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Ros and I worked together on our jack o' lantern this year. She worked on a design, I transferred it to the pumpkin and she did most of the carving. It worked out pretty well.


Tonight it was a cold and rainy night, but that didn't stop Ros and her friends from trick or treating. Ros wanted to be a cowgirl, so we put together bits and bobs from Value Village. The vest was adult-sized, but we had it altered down to fit, and there were no cowboy hats her size, so we settled for a kids version of the Indiana Jones hat. She was insistent that she wasn't going to wear a bandana, in spite of the fact that it looked pretty adorable on her. (I couldn't get a picture with the bandana.)


We went out with one of her friends, the friend's cousin and the cousin's three-year-old sister. Ros was in her element helping the three-year-old up and down the steps of the houses in our neighbourhood. (She loves helping younger kids. She's dying to be old enough to start babysitting.)
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It's been a mad few days, with a bit of good stuff mixed in with a bit of bad.

The Good
We took Ros to a Saturday afternoon kid's screening of the original Bad News Bears at our favourite local rep house and she enjoyed it. Though, man, there's more tough stuff than even I was expecting, including a coach/father hitting his kid on the field and a tough little kid who uses the N word. Repeatedly. (Yikes!)

At the urging of [ profile] franzeska, I've started putting pages up on AO3 for my vids, including non-password protected links. The vids up there so far are:
  • I Would Die for You (I Spy)
  • Forget Regret (Pros)
  • Love's Not a Competition (Pros)
  • Pieces of Heaven (Pros)
  • Halo (Sherlock Holmes, Downey Films)
  • The Patron Saint of Lost Causes (Take That)

    This has led to the shocking realization that I made I Would Die for You, my first vid back in 2002! Where has the time gone?

    The Bad
    I started my Saturday with a 6:45 a.m. black belt training session at our martial arts school. And promptly started having an anaphylaxis attack after we'd completed the run at the start. Mouth swelling, eyes swelling and, most alarmingly, throat swelling. Which meant taking Benadryl, hightailing it home, waiting to make sure that my throat had stopped swelling, and then letting the drugs knock me out for over four hours. Not the way I'd planned on spending my Saturday morning. And annoyingly, it meant missing the martial arts part of the class that I actually enjoy.

    The Sweetie: You know, some people would take this as a sign that they shouldn't be exercising.
    Me: But I like exercising! I don't want this to keep happening!

    Nor was that the end of it. I woke up both Sunday and Monday with my eyes swollen again, and the Benadryl hangover was giving me a persistent headache that finally tipped into migraine territory today. Joy. Adding to the fun, the cold that's been nipping at my heels finally caught me today, so I bowed to the inevitable and took the day off.

    The Inbetween
    Since I was stuck at home anyway, and the headache wasn't quite enough to require a dark, quiet room, I decided to park myself on the couch and mainline six of the Legends episodes I had sitting on the PVR. That was...interesting. I wouldn't call it good, but it's at least amusing seeing what accents The Bean attempts each episode when he's undercover. Worst accent so far: Texan. (Who the hell thought Sean Bean doing a Texan accent was a good idea?) Most amusing: a Liverpool accent that never drifted past the outskirts of Sheffield. Oh Sean, never change.
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    In spite of the fact that the Sweetie and I are huge film buffs, or perhaps because of it, Ros has shown absolutely no interest in movies for years now. She's always saying "Film just isn't my thing, mom," and trying to get out of going to daycare any time they have an outing to a movie theatre planned.

    I am determined to change this. And since she's turning into a serious sports player and fan, I have decided to do it with... sports movies!

    First up tonight was Bend It Like Beckham. Girls playing footie! How perfect is that.

    The ground rules we've set are that Ros has to stay in the room whilst the film is playing, but she doesn't have to pay attention if she doesn't find it interesting. She was all happy because she thoroughly intended to ignore the film and work on her latest Lego set. Except she didn't! She got totally sucked into the film and watched it all, clapping when our heroines' team won, and getting tense when it looked like things weren't going to work out.

    At the end, Ros wouldn't admit it was worth a thumbs up, but apart from a bit just before the end where things looked tense and she cried a bit, she totally seemed to enjoy it.

    Next up: a local theatre is doing a screening of The Bad News Bears. That's a slice of my childhood, and hey, if foul-mouthed kid baseball players get Ros watching a movie, I'm all for 'em.

    Seeing as she's such a hockey fan, at some point I'm going to have to subject myself to The Mighty Ducks.

    So, does anyone else have suggestions for eight-year-old-friendly sports movies?

    So. Tired

    Aug. 29th, 2014 12:00 am
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    Have just spent the whole day (from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.) taking Ros and one of her best friends to the Canadian National Exhibition (The Ex to us locals). This is like a giant fall fair with a giant midway and loads of things to do. Ros and her friend did the kids' circus workshop three times, hit all the midway funhouses multiple times, and found a gymnastics activity area connected to the upcoming Pan Am games.

    If I wasn't knackered before, I am now.

    But it was a totally fun day.
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    A belated weekend post.

    We took Ros and three of her best friends to Canada's Wonderland (our local amusement park) this past Saturday as Ros' birthday party. Since I'm the parent who likes rides, I was the one nominated to go on the big coasters with Ros' friends. (Ros is both too short for and not yet interested in the big rides.)

    I was looking forward to it. I used to love going on coasters, wooden and metal, looping and not. I'd ride them all day if I could. But it's also been about twenty years since I've done it. (The Sweetie hates heights and gets motion sick, so Disney excepted, we've never really done amusement parks together.)

    Most of the coasters were fine. I didn't love them as much as I used to, but had fun. But then we did the Stunt Coaster, and I lost it. It's not a very high coaster, and there aren't any loops, so I thought how bad can it be? But it shoots off at high speed from the start right into a rising spiral and then through a bunch of tight turns and sudden drops. I screamed for about the first thirty seconds, and then spent the rest of the ride convinced I was going to die of a heart attack. When we finally stopped I was practically shaking, which was when Ros' eight-year-old friend I was sitting with turned to me and said "That was fun! Let's do it again!"

    It's true: three eight-year-olds are braver than me.

    Oh, and I screamed so much, my voice is down to a husky squawk. I had to both run a big meeting at work today and coach Ros' soccer game tonight, so the lack of voice made both interesting. (I think I'll pretend the voice is Lauren Bacall sexy rather than a raspy mess.)
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    Today, I woke up with no voice. Or more precisely, with a squeaky, intermittent version of my usual voice. This is because not only did a scream like a maniac on the Tower of Terror, but I did the same thing on the Expedition Everest coaster at the Animal Kingdom. All that screaming seems to have had a delayed reaction and totally done in my voice. And I didn't help it by going on the Barnstormer kids coaster with Ros four times in a row this morning and screaming my head off just for the fun of it. (Fingers crossed I've got a day or two before I teach once I get back to work.)

    We continue to have a grand time here at the Happiest Place on Earth(TM). One thing Ros has gotten into this time 'round that she didn't do much at all two years ago is meeting the characters and getting autographs. It started yesterday morning when we were at Hollywood studios early and accidentally ran into Stitch.

    The person playing Stitch was brilliant. He was mischievous and funny, and pulled different stunts with the pens of every kid encountered. (Ros' pen got shoved in his ear.)

    In general, all the performers doing the characters are really good at knowing what to do to make a kid's day.

    More character encounters this way... )
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    Yesterday I alluded to the mad scheme I was going to try. Today we gave it a whirl.

    What happened was, after we'd planned out what parks we were doing (Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom) and picked our FastPass rides, Ros decided that she wanted to try the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. Working out the logistics, I figured the only way we could do it was to use the early morning Magic Hours opening today at the Studios park, run for the Tower of Terror at rope drop so we could get in right away without FastPasses, and then whip over to Animal Kingdom for our first FastPass on the safaris. All of which meant getting up before six and being on the first bus at 7:15.

    I figured since this was my mental idea, Ros and I would do it and meet the Sweetie at the Animal Kingdom. Ros, however, managed to convince her dad to come along. (And when I say convince, I mean she said "Daddy, would you come, too?" Yeah, he's a pushover.)

    We managed to pull the whole thing off.

    Photographic evidence of the madness this way... )
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    We had a bit of a bumpy start to our Disney vacation. We were taking the latest flight out of Toronto because we're travelling with the Sweetie's sister and her daughter and they were coming out from Vancouver. We were supposed to land at 11:30 p.m., which I'd reckoned would get us to the resort around 1. But then our flight was delayed, and our luggage took forever in Orlando, and we had to wait for more people to fill up the Disney bus, and the one bloke working the night shift on the reservation desk was lovely but Oh. So. Slow. By the time we got to our rooms, Ros was comatose and it was 3 a.m. Yikes!

    Needless to say, we all slept in until 10, but then we managed to get to the Magic Kingdom for our first FastPass ride, the Tomorrowland Speedway. (Everybody gets three FastPasses a day that allow you to skip the lineup for a ride. This is a Good Thing.) The ride consists of little diesel race cars with a working steering wheel and gas pedal. I worked the gas and Ros steered. Two years ago, she constantly hit the metal guide that keeps the cars on the tracks. This year she managed to keep it straight for whole seconds at a time!

    Then we waited in the normal line for the Barnstormer, a kids coaster that was fun, but incredibly short considering the 40 minute line up. Then it was a FastPass for the Flying Dumbos, which is adorably lame and still fun.

    Ros and her cousin staged a mutiny and decided they didn't want to do Enchanted Tales with Belle, so we switched last minute to Aladdin's Magic Carpets, which is basically the Dumbo ride with carpets instead of elephants. Here's Ros giving a thumbs up for the carpets.

    Then we headed back to our resort so we could take the boat to Downtown Disney, where we had tickets to Cirque du Soleil.

    The Cirque show was as awesome as they always are. The clowns were fun, the trampolinists were amazing, and the trapeze artists were stunning. Of special interests to me was the chiselled, shirtless bloke who did the aerial silk routine. Let's just say he was very buff, and very, very good at what he did. He had this one bit where he was flying around the stage with the silk billowing behind him like wings, which was as visually stunning as he was. (He got an enthusiastic ovation at the end, and a few whoops from the appreciative women in the audience. I may have been one of those women. *g*)

    We ended the evening with a relaxing swim in the resort pool under the moon and stars. Which was fantastic.

    We're trying for a very early start tomorrow. I have a mad scheme to do something Ros has requested that wasn't in our original plans. I shall report back if it worked.
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    The ice show is done!

    Ros did a great job at the afternoon show. She and the other girls did a really great job with their number, and they all had a great time. And Ros had the biggest smile when we threw her bouquets of flowers at the end.

    Here are a couple of pics of the show. )

    In the things that amuse me category, the Sweetie and I were looking at the group shot of Ros' number, and he pointed out that the dwarf costumes were all gold, blue and shades of red, just like the uniforms in Classic Trek. Which puts Ros in command gold. *g*
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    Ros signed up for the ice show at her figure skating club this year. Which turns out to be a bigger deal than I knew. This week there has been a final rehearsal and a run through and a dress rehearsal. Last night was the first of three shows.

    So after teaching all day (unusual for me these days; I do far more writing than teaching in my job), I spent four hours volunteering in the dressing room with Ros, four other moms, and the 24 other little girls in her number, which meant lots of doing up skates and making sure everyone had all the bits of their costume on and occasionally preventing girls from turning off all the light so everyone else would squeal.

    And then I came home and fell over, exhausted. Pretty much literally.

    But Ros had fun, and here is some photographic proof.

    ice show 2

    Today we do it all again. Twice! Though fortunately I won't be volunteering today, and I actually get to watch the show at today's matinee performance. (My mom came down to watch the show, and there will be throwing of flowers for Ros during the Grand Finale.)

    It will be the Sweetie's turn to fall over tonight. He's volunteered to help with the take down after the last show. Apparently that can go on until one in the morning.
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    Ros has decided she wants to walk in the local Easter Parade with our martial arts school. Which meant a trip to the dollar store to get Easter accountrements.

    The ears also came with a little tail. It should look adorable with her martial arts uniform.

    In related news, the Sweetie also got Easter gear to wear. (He'll be walking with her. I, having driven like a maniac down from my mom's to get them to the parade staging area in time, will be having a brief rest before I go to watch the parade.)

    The Sweetie made me close my eyes before he modelled his purchase, and then asked me one thing.

    Sweetie: So, is this worthy of Howard Donald?

    Click here to see the Sweetie's Howard Donald-worthy outfit )
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    Seven years ago this week, Rosalind became a member of our family. As has become a tradition, we got together last weekend with one of the other families in our adoption group. The dad of the family took this pic of Ros, which really shows her impishness.
    Rosalind - Ming2014-1

    Behind the cut, I've put a couple of pics of her in China as baby.

    This way to baby Ros )

    The reason I didn't get this post up on the actual anniversary, is that for the first time in seven years, the Sweetie has gone off on a trip by himself. (I have, as you know, gone on a number of trips for conventions and theatre and concerts in those seven years, so he is totally owed.) He's had his eye on TCM's Classic Film Festival for a few years, so this year I badgered him until he registered. Fortunately, his flight left the day after our adoption day. (Ros was miffed that he was leaving the day after.)

    Whilst the Sweetie is off gallivanting in L.A., I'm doing solo mom duties with Ros, which has been a combination of totally fun and totally exhausting. Today's agenda included:

  • Getting to our local arena at 7:30 a.m. for the ice show picture day (because every activity has to have a picture day)
  • Travelling to the west end of the city to pick up the dresses my favourite designer had altered for me
  • Having a lovely brunch with Ros at a cafe near the designer's shop
  • Grocery shopping
  • Taking Ros to a local nail salon, where she got a lovely design on her nails for the princely sum of seven bucks
  • Dropping Ros off at a friend's for a play date
  • Coming home and doing laundry, dishes, and sorting mail (whilst I was playing Stakeout on my shiny brand new Pros DVDs)
  • Picking up Ros from her play date
  • Letting Ros talk me into taking her and another friend to the park for an hour
  • Making dinner
  • Watching the very last Leafs game of the season on Hockey Night in Canada

    Ros made it until the last two minutes of the last period before she zonked out. I probably should have crashed at the same time, but I wanted to watch a couple of more episodes of Atlantis. (I've had 'em sitting on the PVR since they aired in December.)

    Tomorrow's schedule will be relatively relaxed by comparison with today's: a visit to the Science Centre with friends, and Ros' first ice show rehearsal. I'm envisioning ordering pizza for dinner.
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