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For the last two months it's seems it's been nonstop activity, frigid temperatures (today was -19 C with wind chill and it felt balmy) and exhaustion, and I've not had much time for writing. I'd resigned myself to not writing a [ profile] picfor1000 story this year because my prompt pic had failed to shake any inspiration loose and I've just frankly been too bloody tired to consider it.

But today Bodie gave me a nudge and I suddenly have three quarters of the word count done.

Mind you, I'm not sure how I'm going to wrap up what I've started in the remaining 250 words, but small steps.
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In spite of an inspiring card, I didn't make a bingo from my [ profile] hc_bingo card last round. But I've decided to give it another go and sign up again, because a) it's h/c! and b) I'm a masochist.

This way to my hc_bingo card )

Signing up is probably madness. I've been working on a story that was meant to be a fill for my last [community profile] trope_bingo card (not to mention a sequel to my Howard-as-cop TT AU), and I have a stupidly huge case of writer's block on it. I've got a scene that just isn't doing what it needs to do, but I'm not sure how to change it, so I've been staring at the same sentence for weeeeeeeks whilst my brain my brain grinds away at it like an asthmatic hamster caught in a wheel. I finally decided this week to do an end run around the bloody scene and start writing everything that follows. I'm hoping this will lead to me figuring out how to deal with the recalcitrant scene. The jury's still out on whether this is working, but at least words are being produced.

Part of the problem might be that I think the creative part of my brain is more keen to vid than write at the moment. With the problem being that I don't have the huge chunks of time I need to vid available at the moment. But I definitely want to. And I've promised myself and a few others that I'll have a new vid for BistoCon.


Uh Oh

May. 30th, 2014 11:13 pm
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So one thing that happened at MediaWest this year was a little conversation I had with m. butterfly, one of my best friends, fannish and otherwise. She'd been trying to pimp everyone we talked to into the Spartacus fandom, and was bemoaning the fact that while I'd managed to suck her into a few of my fandoms (Pros and TT chief among them), she'd never successfully managed to get me into any of hers.

As a joke, I said "Well, I could write you a Take That/Spartacus crossover."

Except apparently my muse didn't realize I was joking and immediately started pointing out how awesome Howard would be as a gladiator, and how great a Roman Jason would be, and wouldn't Markie make a cute little slave boy.

Then yesterday I wrote the first scene.

I now have 650 words of TT/Spartacus slash, and need to find time to watch all of Spartacus, and do extra research on Spartacus' rebellion and the era of Roman life in general so I can write the rest of what will no doubt turn out to be another fucking epic.

And if anyone has any brilliant ideas about how I can turn Howard into a Roman gladiator name, I'd appreciate it. (I don't think Howardus is going to cut it. *g*)

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It was an interesting game tonight. First the ref didn't show up, leaving me and the other coach to share reffing duties. Then three quarters of the way through, the skies opened up. Since there was no ref to keep us playing in the downpour, and since we only had about ten minutes to go anyway, the other coach and I mutually decided to call the game and we all legged it.

The game itself went much better than last week. The kids did pretty well at the passing drills I ran for the practice, and were all mostly trying hard. Final result of the incomplete game: 1 - 2 for the other team. But hey, it was close! Also, Ros played in goal and really dug in. She let one goal in, but it was a beautiful kick that would have been hard to defeat. And otherwise she kept everything out, including some really tough shots. She's asked for goalie gloves, so I'll be off to the soccer store this week.

I spent a lovely weekend up at my mom's with Ros--the weather was gorgeous, so most of it was spent on the beach, building sandcastles and swimming--so I didn't get too much writing done, but I'm fast closing in on finishing my TT Big Bang story. Here's the official word count:

I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow, but as I'm off to see a documentary about The Who's Quadrophenia with a mate tomorrow night, I may not get that last thousand words done. Fingers crossed.

Once that one's done and dusted, it's back to Pros and zombies, which is coming along nicely:

That's a lot of words already down, but a lot still to go. I'm optimistically hoping to be done by the end of August. We'll see.
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Had a great practice today. The kids had fun and they were rocking the passing. The game itself was fun, but a bit less successful: final score: 4 - 8, and not for us, alas. The 4 points were all from the same kid. He's quiet and intense and really loves playing the game. Which is good, because he was in the final lineup for the evening and his three teammates completely lost interest in the game and were chasing each other around the wrong end of the field, leaving him to take on the opposing four players by himself. Which he totally did.

Ros is doing okay, but I swear she overthinks the dribbling more and more every week. My mission this week is to just get her kicking a ball around the park so she isn't carefully considering where she's going to put her foot every time she gets hold of the ball. (Her form is impeccable, but she's four times slower than all the other kids. Which I know, because I had them run the field with their balls as a warm up and she did one length in the time the other kids did four. ::sigh::)

In other news, my mom was visiting this weekend, which was lovely, and I took her to see the local production of War Horse on Sunday. The show was every bit as good as the NT version in London, minus a couple of dodgy accents. (Canadians should not be allowed to do Welsh accents. I'm just sayin'.) But man, that audience had hearts of stone. When I saw it in London, the entire auditorium was openly weeping at the end, but the Toronto audience...wasn't. There were a few discreetly dabbed eyes, and a very enthusiastic standing ovation, but you could tell the story didn't have the same resonance for this audience that it did for an English one. Interesting... (For the record, I was a total mess from the opening scenes of the show, benefit of knowing what was coming.)

Also, I've broken 14,000 words on the Pros Big Bang story, well over the rough draft limit. Yay! I was beginning to think that I might get a complete draft done in the next week or two, but then I sat down and mapped out the rest of the story and realized that there's 15 to 18 scenes to go. At 1,000 words a scene, that means I'm going to hit around 30,000 words again, and that's not getting done in the next week. But still, it's well on the way.
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I'm determined to finally get my Pros novel, Exile, posted by this weekend. But because I am clearly far too picky/insane, I'm giving it one last read through. 63,000 words down. 19,000 to go.

And as many times as I've gone through it, I'm still finding the odd thing to tweak.

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Well, I've edited and re-edited (thanks [ profile] ancastar!), crafted a cover letter, tweaked the cover letter (thanks [ profile] storm_grant!), and finally hit send. And now my first submission to a professional publication (well, okay, semi-pro) has been sent off into the ether.

Worst case scenario: I'll have my first professional rejection letter. *g*
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In spite of a visiting friend and a lovely migraine that's only now on the retreat after three days of making me miserable, I've actually managed to get some writing done.

The Good News
The final edits on my Wild Wild West story are in, and the zine it's in (the final issue of Gentlemen Never Tell, edited by the lovely Marian Kelly) should even now be on its way to the printers.

More Good News
I finished what I thought were the two final scenes in the Pros story I've been working on for-freaking-ever. (Not to be confused with the Pros novel I've been working on for even longer than that.)

The Not So Good News
Those two final scenes wrenched the story into a corner that there was no getting out of.

The Okay News
Whilst washing the lunch dishes up (let's hear it for working from home) I figured out a fix for the bloody story.

The Not-So-Okay News
The fix is going to require the wholesale gutting and replacement of those last two scenes. Fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck

I shouldn't be surprised. This story was supposed to be a lark, something I could finish off in a week, tops, but it's got a screwy structure that's been a bear to work with, and in the *mumblemumble* years I've been writing it, it's morphed and mutated in a way that's necessitated multiple rewrites and amputations of various sections. I rather suspect that the discarded scenes now outnumber the ones that are actually in it.

Still, I think I've finally cracked it this time. And maybe I'll even get the bastard sorted out this week.

Doesn't make me feel like bashing my head against a wall any less, though. :-/
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...but I've actually finished the first draft of the Pros novel I've been working on for, oh, far too long. (It's been at least seven years, on and off, and probably longer.)

But it's done! 75,000 plus words and it's done!

Nothing left now but the editing. (With luck, that will take substantially less than seven years to complete.)

And then, of course, I have to figure out what to do with the bastard...
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I don't usually whinge about writing, but...

I've just this afternoon finished the bulk of a first draft of the Really Long Pros Story. Everything but the denouement, actually. (The missing denouement is not an insignificant piece of the action, since I've left an awful lot of messy emotional threads left hanging that have to be re-woven into the fabric of the narrative. But let's ignore that for now.) I've printed it out. (96 pages! How the heck did I write 96 pages?) I've done a first paper edit.

And now... now I've got to face those first couple of betas. They're sitting on my desktop. They're mocking me. And I, coward that I am, really don't want to open 'em.

I'm not usually like this. I'm one of those weirdos who enjoys the editing more than the first draft stage. I like getting feedback from betas/editors whose opinions I trust and using that feedback to wrestle the story into better shape. (And I totally trust these betas with my writing life. Take a bow [ profile] justacat and [ profile] faramir_boromir.)

I think this may be more a factor of the length of the thing (the size of that printout just floored me; I wrote all that?) and the length of time I've been working on it (five years, give or take). There's always an aspect of the "what if they think it's crap" when looking at other people's comments, but when it's something that's taken a greater level of commitment than usual, the level of risk seems greater as well.

Or maybe it's just 'cause I'm tired.

Okay, whinge over. You may go back to your regularly scheduled LJ viewing.
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Why, oh why can't characters do what you want/need them to. Earlier this week, Doyle and Murphy figured something out long before I'd planned they would. (Too smart for their own good, those lads) And just now the main antagonist has completely changed his plans on me. F*cker.

And so, to procrastinate from further writing of the Really Long Pros Epic, a quotes meme, courtesy of [ profile] gblvr

Go here and look through random quotes until you find 5 that you think reflect who you are or what you believe. Repost in your journal and see if anyone else wants to play. (You may need to refresh a few times to find enough.)

My quotes, got all in one go... )

Okay, back to the RLPE.

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