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przed: (Stucky - First Avenger)

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Created on 2009-04-21 02:07:40 (#108051), last updated 2019-04-01 (3 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 17
Location:Toronto, ON, Canada
Reader, writer, vidder, fan.

I never quite abandon fandoms, but trail them behind me like a messy asteroid belt. You're liable to find any number of fandoms here, including Captain America (Stucky flavour), Pros, Take That, Lord of the Rings (FPS and RPS), U.N.C.L.E., and Wild Wild West, as well as any other fandom/show/movie/play/band has currently caught my interest.

I don't lock anything down except the TT RPS fanfic. If that's why you're here, drop me a comment and I'll friend you.

I don't really have a hard and fast friending policy. Feel free to friend me if you like. If it looks like we have interests/fandoms in common, I may friend you back. (Don't take it personally if I don't. I'm trying to keep the flist to a readable level.)

(I'm also on Tumblr at where you'll find mostly Take That and Mark Owen loveliness.)
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