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A wind-swept, Arthurian Mads is hoping you had a lovely day!

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I've been horrible at keeping up on everyone's birthdays this year, but had to wish Drayce a happy one!


Hope there were many margaritas for your Cinco de Mayo.
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It's been a slow writing year for me, but I was very glad I managed to put together a short story as a birthday pressie for [ profile] soundofthesurf, one of the best fannish friends a gal could have

Happy Birthday, my dear!


Happy Now (1358 words)
Fandom: Take That
Pairing: Howard Donald/Jason Orange
Summary: Since Jason has left the band, he's happy now. But what about Howard?
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For the past three years, I've have (jokingly) been telling the Sweetie I just want Howard Donald for my birthday. This year, he came through. In cake form, anyway:


He's spent the last few weeks Googling pictures of Howard Donald, and working with our local bakery on the design. (The caption stands for Happy Howard Donald Birthday PRZ, in case you're wondering.) This all explains why for the last few weeks he would just randomly say "That Howard Donald is a handsome man," every once in a while.

He is truly the best Sweetie ever.

Below the cut, me with my lovely cake. )
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It's time for the annual day-late birthday greetings post to the Sweetie, complete with gratuitous Howard Donald pic.


Happy birthday from one adorkable goof to another.
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Hope you had a great birthday! To celebrate, here's a couple of your other favourite guys. *g*

Starsky and Hutch
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We're a bit late, but a couple of mad bastards would like to take you for a birthday parachute jump.
Martin and Lew Doing Parachute Training

Hope your day was a good one!
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I hope you have a great day, a marvellous year, and that Andy manages to win big for you.

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Happy Birthday, my dear! I hope the day is accompanied by many margaritas, with accompanying cabana boys.

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A slightly belated birthday greeting in your time zone. I hope you had a fabulous day!

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I hope you have a lovely day! And so does your favourite Kiwi. *g*

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Happy Birthday, my friend. I hope you have a lovely day!

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A big happy birthday greeting to the wonderful [ profile] soundofthesurf, complete with a toast from two of your favourite pop stars.

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Since I did a day-late, Howard Donald-inspired birthday post for the Sweetie last year, I figured I had to do another one again this year.

So here it is, Sweetie, from one awesome dad to another...

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Best wishes for a fantastic birthday, and for a lovely trip to England!

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Best wishes for a fabulous day, from me and a certain famous swordsman.

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The lads have a special birthday surprise for you.


Hope you have a great day!
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Hope you have a fantastic, tennis and pop star filled day!

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Happy birthday, my dear. Hope you have a lovely day! (And because I couldn't decide which one to use, you get two special greetings.)


A slightly naughtier birthday greeting under the cut... )
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Hope you've had a lovely day. (Finch and Reese are planning an extra special surprise for you.)


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