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The next entry in the drabble meme. This one's Wild Wild West for [ profile] dorinda, and is 400 words even. Prompt: fever.

Fever Dreams )
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Fic: Trapped
Fandom: Wild Wild West
Pairing: Jim/Artie
Word Count: 1,000
Notes: Written around a prompt [ profile] draycevixen gave me for a [ profile] help_haiti drabble. The prompt was "Not today, Jim," and I think it's a bit more angsty than you were expecting. Plus, it's a bit more than a drabble, but I don't think you'll mind. *g*

Trapped )
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In a bid to make a teeny dent in the massive updating needed on my website (and because [ profile] agentxpdnble is working her way through the series) I thought I might as well upload my two very last Wild Wild West stories.

The Night of the Easter Blizzard has Jim caught in a blizzard and Artie captured by an old enemy.

Where the Road Takes You sees Artie leaving the Secret Service and, possibly, Jim. This is the very last WWW story I ever wrote, and likely to remain so unless my beloved editor ever takes to publishing WWW zines again.

Both stories were originally published in Gentlemen Never Tell, published by the aforementioned beloved editor, the marvellous Taliesin.
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Just realized that I hadn't posted my last WWW story on my website. So now it's up.

Title: The Night of the Opium Den
Author: P.R. Zed
Fandom: Wild Wild West
Pairing: Jim/Artie
Summary: When Loveless lures them to a San Francisco opium den, Jim and Artie face deadly challenges.

In other news, I not only managed to get out of the house yesterday, but I also wrote 1700 words on my [ profile] muncle Down the Chimney story. Looks like my brain has finally cleared the cobwebs of the anesthetic and morphine. Maybe I can even go back to vidding soon.

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