Oct. 20th, 2003

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Back from ZebraCon, having had a fabulous time. I drove there and back with [livejournal.com profile] stormheller and Valentin. To pass time during the 11 hour trip from Toronto to Chicago, we read fanfic out loud and played fannish Botticelli. (First person names a fannish character or actor. Next person takes the last letter from that name and uses it for the first letter of a new name. Continue until you can't possibly think of another name that begins with E or N or R.)

Finally got to meet [livejournal.com profile] blktauna and spent a fun lunch dishing HK stars. My Chicago UNCLE pals weren't attending the con, but I met them for dinner on Wednesday night and we ate Chinese food, watched the Cubs lose and talked far into the night.

I brought five vids for the vid show. Gay Bar went over quite well and I even had a few people tell me how much they liked Patterns. (That last was a bonus, since I pretty much figured I was making that one for my own enjoyment.) And, much to my delight, Sunshine in His Eyes won third place in the writing contest. (Our hotel room housed 2 of the 3 story contest winners, since [livejournal.com profile] stormheller won first place for her Due South story, Dual Citizenship.)

Alas, I had to miss the Saturday night party and award ceremony because UNCLE fan extraordinaire Diana K. gifted me with an extra ticket for Rose Rage at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. I'd just been mourning the fact that I didn't get to see this production in England--I love the history plays--so it was an unexpected pleasure.

Now I just have to catch up on all that missed sleep and finish a Wild Wild West story so my editor doesn't put a bounty on my head.

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