Dec. 10th, 2003

przed: (makeup)
Yesterday my partner is telling me about this new glam rock night at a local happening night club (of the sort I haven't gone to in years) called Velvet Goldmine Fridays. And then he asks, "are you going to dress me up in mascara and a feather boa and take me?" So, I just gotta show him the picture of Viggo in makeup and a feather boa. Much to my amazement, he agrees that the picture is pretty hot.

Now, you have to understand, outside of playing Aragorn, the S.O. doesn't like Viggo at all. He mocked me unmercifully when I saw G.I. Jane in a theatre, has steadfastly refused to see any non-LotR movie with him and the nicest thing he usually calls him is a Eurotrash boho.

Today, I pick up the Vanity Fair with Viggo on the cover, and the S.O again admits that Viggo's hunky in at least several of the pictures. I have officially corrupted the boy. Go me! (And a GIP to celebrate.)

I may just have to dress him up in a boa and makeup and take him to the night club, just because.

In other news, silly quiz spam:
The muppet that I am... )

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