Dec. 17th, 2003

przed: (rotk)
Was it fab to see all the movies together in a theatre? Yes. Most definitely yes.

Was RotK the best movie ever? Um, no. That honour is still reserved for Lawrence of Arabia in my little corner of the universe. It is, however good. Very, very good. And parts of it are great. And I'm sure I'll like it even better when the Houses of Healing scenes are restored.

Am I going to see it again? Of course! Tonight in fact, necessitated by the fact that today is my birthday and I just had to see it on my birthday. (Very pleased that my S.O. got me the LotR version of Risk for said birthday, even if am also disappointed that Gondor is not one of the territories on the board.)

Any other revelations? Billy Boyd has a truly wonderful singing voice. Viggo Mortensen, well, doesn't. (I love him to pieces, and his voice isn't awful, but really, if he never sang again on screen, I'd be a happy woman.) Oh, and the Hidilgo trailer, which I finally got to see in a theatre, looks like too much fun.

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